Sep 07

RunKeeperFor today’s cycle I used RunKeeper data to choose five of the fastest points on my cycle and set a new speed target for them. Here is are my results.

1. Start of my cycle route — Best time 39.8km, new target 45km, and did 44.5km today.
2. Straight away 1.1km point — Best time 44.6km, new target 45km, and did 41km today.
3. Downhill at 4.0km point — Best time 41.4km, new target 50km, and did 41km today.
4. Downhill at 10.8km point — Best time 43.7km, new target 50km, and did 50.6km today.
5. Downhill at 12.12km point — Best time 42.3km, new target 50km, and did 42.2km today.

Here is a graph of today’s elevation and speed over distance:
Cycle First Leg 9-07-09

Tomorrow I will be trying to reach new records in the five above points but at the same time I will be trying for new records in five of the slowest points in my cycle route. Here are the five slowest points, my best time, and my new targeted speed.

1) 4.19km to 5.28km — Best 24.7/30kmph, new target 28kmph.
First Slow Point 9-07-09

2) 5.83km to 7.92km — Best 21.0/30kmph, new target 28kmph.
Second Slow Point 9-07-09

3) 11.00km to 11.42 — Best 24/30kmph, new target 28kmph.
Third Slow Point 9-07-09

4) 11.85km to 11.95km — Best 27.4/30kmph, new target 28kmph.
Forth Slow Point 9-07-09

5) 12.51km to 12.55km — Best 26.7/30kmph, new target 28kmph.
Fifth Slow Point 9-07-09

So the idea is that I will try to stay above 28kmph through the whole route. Because Runkeeper only updates every 15 seconds I will keep my eye on the Cateye computer for my high and low speeds.

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