Jul 28

Multisport Zone LogoI when to Reynold Cycle in London today to see about taking my cycling speed to the next level. At Reynold’s they recommended that I check out Multisport Zone to get a professional fit on my bike done.

Multisport Zone is a new business in town that opened up on May 23 of this year. Darryl Bondy and Jeff Robinson are the owners and their vision for the business is that Multisport Zone will be the number one destination retail store and training centre for swim, bike and run enthusiasts in Ontario.

Multisport Zone offers Endless Pool with video capture above and below the water, CompuTrainer MultiRider System where up to 8 bikes can ride a large selection of ironman or 70.3 courses, Run Coaching, among a number of other services.

They are located at 820 Wharncliffe Road South — [MAP].

I was pleasantly surprised at the quality equipment there and Darryl Bondy took lots of time to show me the CompuTrainer MultiRider System and the FIST Certified Bike Fitting system.

FIST Bike FittingThey have two certified FIST Fitters on staff and will Retro-FIT your bike for $150 or Full Bike FIT for $200. To the right you can see the EXIT bike fitting system they use.

The FIST (Fit Institute Slowtwitch) fitting method is a system that is developed by the founders of Slowtwitch, who were the founders of Quintana Roo, the first true tri geometry bike.

I didn’t realize how important getting your bike fitted right until I read the article The F.I.S.T. method of bike fit for triathletes, on the Slowtwitch Website.

For example an overlong cockpit can cause lower back pain, a saddle that is to high can push the knee angle past 150 which can cause patellar tendinitis and soft tissue damage, and if you don’t have your armrests set right you can wack your knees into them when you are out of the saddle in a climb (I have done this one already).

I am quite interested in the CompuTrainer System and have looked into it before. Multisport Zone fees are $10 a hour to use this system which is a very good deal. Multisport Zone also offers bike coaching at $20 an hour and they do a spin scan analysis and power output analysis using the CompuTrainer System.

CompuTrainer offers a money back guarantee that their system will increases your cycling power by 20 to 30% and your speed by 2 to 4 MPH or you get a full refund. One example is their SpinScan Pedal Stroke Analyzer will identify “flat” or “dead” spots in your pedal stroke where optimal power is not transferred to the drive train.

So hats off to Multisport Zone for offering these services to the biking community in the London, Ontario area. I plan on taking advantage of some of them.

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