Jul 08

Anne Neufeld, a sister from the congregation I attend, gave me this great salad dressing recipe that I have been really enjoying that I want to share with you all. This Sweet Raspberry Salad Dressing is completely amazing!

Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing

For you weight watchers out there be warned, this dressing has a very high weight to calorie ratio. 2 cups (500g) is 1969 calories which gives you a 1 to 4 weight to calorie ratio. So use this dressing sparingly or you can do what I did.

I added 2 cups of water to the recipe. This way 1/2 cup of the Sweet Raspberry Salad Dressing is only 250 calories instead of 500 calories. It doesn’t taste quite as good be it cuts your calories in half.

This dressing goes very good on field greens.

Sweet Raspberry Dressing
500ml of water (optional)
250ml of raspberry dressing (500 cal)
125ml cup of olive oil (1125 cal)
73ml of sugar (73 cal) substituted honey (226 cal) or maple syrup (348 cal)
5ml Tbsp Worcestershire sauce (5 cal)
15ml poppy seeds 47 cals
15ml sesame seeds 50 cals
15ml sunflower seeds 16 cals

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