Feb 13

Wow I woke this morning with a smile and a shout.

Rejoicing over took my heart as I consider the life Jesus as gave me. I shouted, I jumped up and down with joy, and ran around he house praising my Lord.

Life with Jesus is nothing but joy. In him we live and move and rejoice in the crosses of this life.

Sunday Morning Praise

This morning lord, I praise your name,
You changed my life, I’m not the same.
You reached down deep, and saved my soul,
This divine touch, has make me whole.

Your change so vast, has made me free,
This love so pure, I shout with glee.
This care I feel, reaching out,
Uour cause, your life, makes me shout.

Changed I am, on the inside,
Saved and kept, and sanctified.
Uour great soul work, molding me.
Renewing, increasing, how can it be.

A new day, to rejoice for you,
My Sunday joy, with saints so true.
Fellowship sweet, with love and care,
All through Christ, we eat your fare.

Troubles gone, and holy song,
Fellowship sweet, new souls we meet.
Testimonies shared, and victories aired.
Heaven on earth, through new birth.

Lift your head, and hanging knees,
Forget yourself, him to please.
View your state, and smile joy,
Rejoice all day, the devil annoy.

–Bob Mutch

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