May 29

Summer TimeI am not sure why I am didn’t find motivation to work out this last winter but I know when the summer rolls around I enjoy biking and running.

My goal this summer is to loose in the next two months what I have gained back during the winter and take up some winter activities so I won’t gain it back this coming winter.

Last year was my first year to work on losing weight and I when from around 195lb down to 152lb. Over the winter months I have gained around 20lbs so it is time to try to shed that weight. Besides loosing what I have gained over the winter I am looking into taking up some winter activities that will enable me to burn enough calories so that I won’t gain the weight back this coming winter.

Winter activities that interest me would be indoor tennis, ping pong, and badminton. I enjoy these 3 sports quite a bit and have played ping pong and badminton since high school.

My current weigh is 173.2 and my BMR is 1914. Here is a BMR calculator.

I am considering targeting 159.8lb for July 4nd and 149.8lb for Aug 4nd. With a bounce of 5lbs that will put me at 155lb which is where I would like to be. I can get to this weight pretty easy with diet change (eating smaller portions, eating low calorie foods), and exercise (running and biking even days, 100 sit-up/push-ups odd days).

A 10lb loss a month requires that you eat 1150 calories below your BMR. There is 3500 calories in a pound so 1150 calories deficiency a day will give me around 35,000 deficiency a month for a 10lb loss.

So days that I bike 21km (500cal) so I can eat 1264cal. On days that I do 100 sit-ups and 100 push-ups (400cal) I can eat 1164cal.

1164 to 1264 calories a day is pretty skimpy and it is hard to maintain for a long period of time but I am going to giving it a shot.

Here are a number of things I will use to help me reach this goal.

1. Make a Commitment — When you made a commitment you can use sanctified stubbornness to help reach your goals.

2. Tell Others About it — Telling other people what you are trying to do with provide you with accountability, support, and a press so you won’t be a failure.

3. Set Obtainable Short Term Goals — Don’t set yourself up for a failure. Make sure term goals and make goals that are obtainable.

4. Make Exercise Goals — Set exercise time or speed goals. Again make them short term and obtainable. For example I have set 7 goals over the next month or two that I want to meet. On my 7km cycle I want to do an average speed of 31km/h 31.5km/h, 32km/h, then 32.5km/h, then 33km/h, then 33.5km/h, and 34km/m. Today I had my 1st and 2nd goal and it give me a bit push in motivation.

5. 10% Rule — Don’t be to hard on yourself. Cut yourself some slack and every 4th day (10th meal), go ahead and eat what ever you want. If you are to hard on yourself the flesh will rebel and you will fail and give up. So cut your flesh some slack every 10th meal.

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