Apr 13

Steamed Broccoli is a tasty low gram to calorie ratio food. There is 32 calories in 100g of Broccoli for a gram to calorie ratio of 1 to 0.32.

See my gram to calorie ratio list of bulk foods to see other low gram to calorie ratio foods.

Broccoli is a good way to deal with the desire to eat until you are full. Broccoli is also high in vitamin C, protein, and fiber.

Oster 4712 Food Steamer loaded with Broccoli:
Oster Food Steamer 4712

The current Oster Model is the Oster Food Steamer 5711 which in US can be purchase for $34.99 from Oster direct with $8.95 for shipping or $34.99 from Amazon with free shipping.

Huge serving of Steamed Broccoli:
Plate Of Steamed Broccoli

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