Mar 25

You may have noticed I eat quite of few tenderloin and striploin steaks. Tenderlon run about $39 a kilo and striploin about $28 a kilo. I would consider these luxury meats if you pay the typical store retail price for them.

So I thought I would post how a I can justify buying such expensive meats. I buy them at 50% or better off. For example here is 3 – 300 to 400 gram steaks I bought today that retail for $30.51. After 50% off I got them for $15.25.

Discounted Steaks

Then I take each of the steaks and cut them in half which gives me 6 – 150 to 175 gram steaks. I repackage them with the label intact so I know what kind of steak they are and their date then off to the freezer they go.

Discounted Steaks Repackaged

This gives me meat for 6 meals for only $2.54 a meal. That is less cost than a Big Mac at McDonald’s and way less fat and better tasting.

The tenderloin steaks I have been eating are the same thing. Either 50% off because them only have a day or so left on the date or because I got them on a great sale. Price Chopper had tenderloin steaks on sale for $14 a kilo about 2 weeks ago. That was about 66% off and I purchased about 6 – 300 to 400 gram steaks which gave me 12 – 150 to 175 gram portions.

Perhaps tomorrow morning I will do another post on about 9 discount steaks I have my eyes on. I know where there is 3 club packs that will go on 50% off tomorrow morning.

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