Feb 12

As you have probably noticed, I have been kind of eating pretty good with all the steaks and so on. Well, that is because I am doing so good with my weight loss that I have treating myself well.

So when my squirrel friend dropped by the other day I thought, “Squirrel, you are going to get a treat, too.” I put out what was left in my 2kg bag of Planter’s Peanuts. I think there was about 1/3 a bag left.

So squirrel-buddy has been by for the last two days enjoying himself to all get out. I slowly moved the bag closer to the dining-room patio doors and got him used to me being there about 2 feet from him. Then I got the picture I wanted.

The squirrel in the bag:
Squirrel In The Bag

The squirrel casing the bag out:
Squirrel Casing The Job

The squirrel is just not sure:
Squirrel Is Just Not Sure

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