Jan 28

What? Should we be sitting around, dabbling in works of darkness and giving our minds to trifles while the world speeds on to eternity?

Jesus is coming to judge the world in righteousness, and souls that have not surrendered their lives to Christ will be damned. Don’t play video games when the world is about to be judged.

James 5 says the the Judge is already standing at the door. We have a mission to fulfill, and it’s not to play video games!

As Christians, we’ve been called to heavenly things, not earthly things. We’ve been called to walk as children of light, not children of darkness. “Come out from among them and be separate says the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing and I will receive you.” 2Cor. 6:17

For the love of God, give up these time wasting, affection hoggers. They won’t increase your love for God. They’ll only make your heart cooler towards Jesus.

Cummon guys! Where is your heart at? Examine yourselves and your walk with God.
I’m concerned with the direction this generation is taking.

I’m not saying this to condemn or judge anyone. But as your brother, I want to exhort you to set you minds on Christ, and set your heart to seek after God. Amos 5:14 says, “seek good and not evil, that ye may live.”

We (including me) need to adjust our hearts and lives so that in the life that we now live, we can live to the glory of God; because the Devil has enough people bringing glory to his rotten name.

For the glory of God, let’s be men who seek after God’s heart, and lets be good soldiers of Jesus Christ! “The world behind me. The cross before me.”
–Victor Wiebe

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3 Responses to “So You Like To Play Video Games Eh?”

  1. 1. Paul Says:

    Hi, look at the “wholesome” “christian” entertainment of the 1950’s. Roy Rogers, Gene Audry, etc. Look where this has led. The entertainment industry has been an incalculable detriment to our society. The devil came in dressed in white robes and the church world let him in. Slowly, he has by degrees, taken his wool off and it is now easy to see the wolf that this Hollywood devil really is. But it is now too late for the mainstream church. They allowed their youth to be corrupted by this monster, and now there are many major denominations who once had something and held a standard of purity, but who now are the whore of the world. They have lost their first love. Do not follow in their footsteps. Break the cycle through Jesus! Get every evil enfluence out of your life, do not let your children be corrupted. Get rid of the blaring tv and put the Word of God in it’s place. Seek peace and a sound mind. Uphold a love for God, his righteousness and humility daily. Children must have entertainment. Give them godly entertainment that will teach them about life. Get them some rabbits. Get them into reading, wood working, sewing, cooking, star watching on dark nights, fishing, hunting, camping, gardening. It is amazing what a tiller and a 10′x30′ plot of ground will produce in tomato, squash, broccoli, turnip, etc. Think ahead. What you plant will grow. Do not willingly allow the devil to plant thorns in your home. Plant good seed. As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.

  2. 2. Jude Says:

    I don’t get why you put video games as an evil way. Playing video games doesn’t mean not living a good Christian life. It is all about balancing your time with everything I guess. I believe God doesn’t want us to praise and pray and ask for forgiveness every second of our life.

  3. 3. bob Says:

    Hi Jude,

    Many video games are sinful in their actions. Personally I think there is better things for Christians to do.


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