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Holiness Hating ChristiansI just got a very nasty comment today on my God Promises the Power to Overcome Sin article I wrote a couple of years ago.

The person accused me of being an “arrogant bastard child”, “holy pontification”, “Satan’s child”, “arrogance and self-righteousness”, “disgust[ing]“, “not interested in truth”, and “interested in creating… strife and promoting yourself”.

Many times I am surprised how stirred up people get when you tell them they can’t walk in a lifestyle of sinning and be a Christian. While I admit the opening of the article is strong, and perhaps if I wrote it today I won’t make it that direct, but still what I wrote is the truth.

The following is what I wrote and then I listed a number of scriptures.

The harlot church (Rev 17:1-6; 18:1-4) and her sin-loving daughters “who change the grace of our God into a license for immorality” (Jud 1:4 NIV) claim that the Christian is still human and, therefore, must still sin in word, thought, and deed daily.

Now if you think I am pulling this daily sinning in word, thought, and deed out of thin air check out Question 83 in the Westminster Shorter Catechism.

Question: Is any man able perfectly to keep the commandments of God?
Answer: No mere man, since the fall, is able, in this life, perfectly to keep the commandments of God; but doth daily break them, in thought, word, and deed.

The false church has indeed changed the grace of God into a license for immorality when they teach the bad news that you can’t live a life of victory over willful sinning. In fact I will go a bit further it is mission of this false church to prejudice new Christians against the true gospel and equip them to reject the grace of God that can not only saved from the penalty of sin but the very power and love of sin.

They may not preach it over the pulpit that way but in the way they tolerate sin and counsel people that fall into willful sin that is the end result.

My Experience As A New Believer

I remember as a three year old professing Christian the first time I heard the Wesleyan teaching that Christ came to save us from our sins not in our sins. I smiled and asked the person if they were serious. I thought that was the most absurd teaching I had ever heard.

But what I heard next was even more absurd — you are not a Christian if you are living in a lifestyle of sinning. I think I laughed out loud. I can remember the conversation like it was yesterday. It was with brother Merle Smith from the Faith & Victory group at the Charis Campground in Chilliwack, BC, about 28 years ago.

At the time I had been struggling with smoking and just couldn’t seem to stop. I had prayed and cried and promised and threw my smokes out so many times it was not funny. I was ashamed of my habit and I hid it. I longed to be free as I knew smoking was sinful, unacceptable, and a very bad testimony.

While the false church had managed to convince me that I could be saved while walking in a willful life style of sinning they had not convinced me that I should just settle down and accept sinning as the norm. My heart had not became so seared that I felt comfortable in my sinning.

I talked to brother Smith and told him about my smoking habit. I shared with him how God had glorious saved me and delivered me from drugs, immorality, and a self-destructive lifestyle. How I loved my Bible, when to Vancouver every Friday night to do street witnessing, and carried a burden for the lost.

He patiently listened to me and when I was through talking he told me, “Bob, if you leave here and go back to your smoking you are not saved.” I shook my head in amazement. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

Prayer & Victory Over Smoking

I asked to talk to him outside and as soon as we were out of view of everyone else I laid my head on his shoulder and started weeping. I told him I longed to be free from smoking and if we could go and pray somewhere.

Charis Campground TabernacleWe when down to the campground tabernacle (see picture to the right) and knelt there at the mourner bench and we both prayed. I got up from there and have never gone back to smoking. I was completely delivered even from the desire to smoke.

I am bringing this out to make a point. I didn’t defend my sin and rail on brother Merle and tell him he was arrogance, self-righteous, disgusting person and there was a reason. I didn’t love my sin, I hated it. I wanted to be free. Even when he insulted me by telling me that I was not a Christian if I continued sining that didn’t deter me at all.

Now I don’t want to leave a wrong impression. That was about 28 years ago and there have been many failures in my Christian walk since then. There have been several times where circumstances changed in my life and I struggled to get victory over giving into temptations that came with the change of my circumstances. There have been two times where I got so discouraged I quite professing Christ and when into open sin.

But that has not been the norm for my Christian walk. The norm for my Christian walk has been to walk in victory over willful sinning.

Why Such An Adverse Reaction To Holiness

So why do some people hate the sin-free message so much and see it as such a terrible doctrine. While they may have their excuses the bottom line is they have or have had willful sin in their own life and they don’t want to admit they have been living below the Bible standard or worse yet they are living a life of hypocrisy.

What brings out that ugliness in a professing Christian, like I quoted above from Bill, when they read or hear that you can live free from a lifestyle of sinning.

There are a number of different reasons.

1. There can be a misunderstanding of terms and what is meant by living free from sinning.
2. Some think the Wesleyan teaching will lead to hypocrisy or professing above what you are living.
3. Others feel it could discourage weak Christians and cause them to give up.
4. And some have concluded by their personal experience it is to high a standard and it is not livable.
5. In some cases they have given up the idea that they can ever be free from sinning.
6. And they have seared their heart to where they have little or no guilt when they sin.
7. And have settled down to enjoying their sinning and having a ticket to heaven at the same time.

The issue is not always that they don’t believe the Bible, their heart is seared, and they love their sinning. Some times they may have misunderstandings on your position or they have seen a similar position misused or wrongly taught.

How Can We Help Holiness Haters

We should not rail back. We should show concern for them. We shouldn’t condemn them and we should point them to the scriptures which promises victory and share our personal testimony of victory over sinning.

We should carefully define what we mean and what we don’t mean and we should be willing to answer all their objections.

However I think we need to be honest and tell them that if they are walking in a life style of sinning the Bible offers them no hope of going to heaven.

I have found when I have brought up the issue that I believe the Bible teaches they are not saved if they are walking in a lifestyle of sinning the conversation digresses many times into a proof texting match on Eternal Security vs Conditional Security or Salvation by Faith vs a charge that I hold Salvation by Works which goes no where.

Instead I try to keep things on the subject at hand and answer there objections with scripture and sound reason. The Bible clearly teaches God offers power to resist temptation and Christians can be victorious over all sinning in this life.

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8 Responses to “Sin Loving Holiness Hating Christians?”

  1. 1. vondi Says:

    FANTASTIC! This is SO TRUE on so many points I won’t take the time to list them. Amen and Amen!

    I haven’t read the ‘power to overcome sin’ post you referenced but i intend to as soon as I finish here.

    May I copy portions of this to post other places? I will give you credit if necessary. In fact, I’d prefer to do so. You’ve put so many things so well.


  2. 2. bob Says:

    Hi Vondi,

    Sure put it where ever you want and then just pick back to the original post is fine.


  3. 3. Piwie Says:

    My heart is left bleeding because of this post…it is nothing but the Truth which comes from the Word of God and nowhere else.

    The Bible says we should be loving and kind but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t tell people that ‘the wages of sin is death’ and there are no conditions on that at all.

    I will re-post this somewhere else too and will credit you of cause,if you dont mind.

    I thank God that i landed here while i was looking for Christian sites/blogs.
    May He continue using you to win lost souls.

    His love,

  4. 4. bob Says:

    Hi Piwie,

    Ya it seem strange that so many professing Christians are dysfunctional and love there sins.


  5. 5. Anne Stocks Says:

    Hi Bob, so wonderful to know that God has brought you to an understanding of His Truth and that you stand up and share it regardless of the cost to you. I also want to thank you for protecting, me sometimes my weaknesses are very evident, thank you for preventing what would have grieved me greatly.

    How did I first come to understand Sinless perfection I had never heard or read about it in all the time I had been attending Churches and still haden’t up till 3 years ago I was always lead to believe you sin till you die but your forgiven, yet my heart told me differantly. I’m not sure how I found your website I think I was serching for someone who was also a believer not many are.

    After comming to real heart repentance but because of so much conflicting teaching I felt very unsure about what was Truth and so doubts. One day as I was reading the Scriptures a verse touched my heart, Mark 9:24 some Christians call this a Rhema Scripture, it said… that a man’s son was in need of healing and Jesus asked him do you believe, the man answered yes I believe but please help my unbelief and so I also asked Jesus to help my unbelief.

    Not long after this realizing I was very confused because of the conflicting teaching in the Churches and by Theologians and Evangelists even those who had a high profile and yes they all claimed what they believed was True but what they taught was different which means some of them were trusting in their own worldly understanding or what they had been taught instead of God’s Truth. I knew this to be True because The Holy Spirit does not say one thing to one person and something different to someone else when it contradicts and as I knew we are not to agree to disagree but to take our difference to God and he will show us who is in error because we are to have the same focus and to be of one mind and purpose, it confused me greatly because how could they all have the mind of Christ and also be in conflict which was shown by their division .

    I prayed to God for His help again and He gave me another Rhema Scripture James1:5-8 that said… if you lack wisdom to ask God and He will give you His wisdom without finding fault but that we must believe and not doubt that we have received it. I asked in Faith for God’s wisdom and I have no doubts that I have received it and that it is growing in my heart and will continue to do so as He perfects me in His Love to conform me to the image of His Son. What God has shared with me He has confirmed in His written word by His Living Word but as I said before I am still learning but I know without a doubt what God has already shown me His Truth and I don’t doubt it …. Jesus tells us we don’t have because we don’t ask with Faith believing what He says He will do and this is very True.

    About 3 years ago God lead me to an understanding of Sinless Perfection through reading 1 John 3:1-1, I can’t believe I never saw it before, I had read the Bible a few times although He has showed me other Truth, but it has never worried me as it seems to do others, perhaps because I see it as a wonderful gift that we can all have if we believe. God has now confirmed it with many other Scriptuers but very few accept it as His Truth including my Husband, it is as you say Bob because they don’t understand the freedom we have in the Lord they won’t accept it as His Truth, I find like you I’m abused when I do try to share it, but perhaps don’t handle it has well as you do.

    Continued next post…

  6. 6. Anne Stocks Says:

    Hi Bob sorry about the Scripture referance, I have made a few mistakes with these it should be 1John 3:1-11

    I also forgot to use the spell check for the added parts.

    Not sure what I did, but I lost the rest of my post too anyway I think I have shared enough for now.

    But thanks for letting me do so, being disabled gives me more time then others, so I do appreciate it, but let me know if I need to slow down.

    God bless you greatly Anne.

  7. 7. Vondi Says:

    Anne, I was blessed by your testimony of how the Lord brought you to an understanding of Holiness and living a sinless life! It was beautiful.
    Like you and Bob, I have met and continue to meet with a LOT of opposition when I speak of living without sin in this present world. But thank the Lord it is possible through His Power!

    Would it be possible for me to use all or portions of your post on a discussion group that I participate in? I would have asked privately but I didn’t have your email address. :o) I would also enjoy communicating with you, if that would be okay.

    In Christ,

  8. 8. Anne Stocks Says:

    Dear Vondi, Thank you for your kind words and I feel very blessed that you wish to share with others how God has touched my heart with His Truth.

    My email Internet address is annestocks@ymail.com

    If you have any problems with the e-mail address it’s new, please write again and thank you for caring enough to reach out to others, I also would appreciate sharing with someone who has the same focus and will look forward to hearing from you.

    Christian Love Anne.

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