Oct 30

Where did all my time go,
is there any way to know.
It seems days roll by,
hardly time to say hello.

When I was very young,
everything was slow.
I was just thinking,
that was not long ago.

The sun was up early,
now the shadows are here.
The day when fast,
sleeping time is near.

Can’t we slow this down,
it all seems so fast.
If I don’t make more time,
my life will not last.

Okay, I’m in a hurry,
I really have to run.
I’ll keep this poem short,
so other things get done.
–Bob Mutch

Note: I was in a big hurry to go somewhere, so I wrote this short poem quickly in 15 mins. The poem was written in a silly moment, but if you look deep there is a life message there that I have been thinking about.

How about your life, is it going fast.
When it’s all done, what of it will last.
Are you making time, for eternity.
There you will have, lots of time free.

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