Nov 27

WarrantyWind Turbine manufacturers or dealers should be asked the following questions about the wind turbines they are selling.

1. Do you have yearly recorded data from installed turbines showing the kWh produced and the average annual wind speed for that area?

2. Is the monitoring of any of your wind turbines accessible from the Internet?

3. At what wind speed does the turbine start generating power?

4. What is the turbine rating in kWh for different wind speeds? Are these real-life calculations or equation calculations? If equation calculations what coefficient of performance (cP) was used?

5. Can you provide me with a list of customers who own one of your wind turbines?

6. What is the warranty period and coverage and is it on-site or offsite?

7. Have you done reliability test for your wind turbine and if so for how long and what was the results?

8. How long have you been producing turbines and how many have you sold?

9. Do you have service stats?

10. What problems have your customers encountered with your wind turbines? Have you have wind turbines returned and if so why? Have you been taken to court over product issues? Are you a member of the BBB and if so how is your record?

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One Response to “Shopping For A Wind System”

  1. 1. Paul Says:

    Hi, I want to learn more about wind power. Here in KS they have a whole lot of large wind turbines that they say produce a lot of electric. I went to a German Baptist’s home and he had an electric windmill to supply the bulk of his energy! It was on (I estimate) 4″ metal pipe, about 100′ high, with 4 cables for brace. He said that the system was 5500 watts in 30 mph wind and that the cost was about $7,000, him doing the work. The state has incentives, and pays for the excess elect. he puts in the lines! Northern Tool sells some turbines that look pretty good for the money. A cheap one can produce up to about 400 watts and is $599. Their biggest one is about 6500 watts and costs about $7000, I think. I do not know about quality or warranty! I have not had time to look into this subject lately, but I hope to in the future!

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