Apr 03

Qu'ranI spend two hours talking to my new Muslim friend today. We had a very lively discussion on the Qur’an and the Bible. Here are some of the concepts I shared with him.

God is a judge and we have broken his law and there is a punishment that all lawbreakers much be given. A judge in this world can’t let a guilty criminal go free.

God must punish us in order to be just. Jesus who didn’t need punishment as he didn’t sin give his life to pay for our sins and if we turn to God through Jesus in repentance the price Jesus paid is accepted by God the judge and we go free.

Not only does Jesus deal with our past sins but he empowers us to live a holy life free from sinning by grace through faith. Jesus is the only Prophet that has promised this to those who follow him.

Jesus standard is higher than any other religion. No more war, no more multi-wifes, no more divorce and remarriage, no more eye for an eye, ye no more sinning. We are now to love God with ALL our heart, mind, soul, and strength. And our neighbor as our self. We are to live a humble selfless life of giving, sharing, helping, praying, and praising God.

Christian is the highest calling in this life. We can have the eyes of our understand enlightened. There is a great hope in this Christian calling. There is riches and a glorious life and in heaven an inheritance Christ as for all his people.

God’s power is marvelous and spectacular toward those who believe to the saving of the soul from sinning. This same power raised Jesus and on that last day will raise all.

The Christian is call to be ready for Christ’s coming! Call to read their Bible, to pray pray pray! Called to be full of goods. Called to flee all sinning and put away sinning once and for all. Called to be saved to the utter most and to reckon themselves dead unto sin and alive to Christ!

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One Response to “Sharing With My New Muslim Friend”

  1. 1. dennis Says:

    Hi Bob
    Great to read that you have a chance to be a friend of a Muslim.
    Noticed you keep using the term ‘Christian’ which usually has a lot of negative images for our Muslim friends. Do you or your friend have another term that could be used for a follower of Christ?
    Keep up the ministry eh!
    By the way, we were blessed with both your dad and mom for worship and our brunch today.

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