Nov 06

Well, I was running a bit behind there for a while, but now I am almost caught up. The finishing touches were put on September’s Holiness Journal and October will be finished before the end of the week. The August Holiness Journal is being redone in the new format also.

The September issue has 20 articles and is 48 pages. I decided to put a picture in with every article, and a picture on the front cover. The picture on the front makes the booklet more attractive and the pictures in the content break up the text and make it easier to read.

I put a new toner refill in the laser printer cartridge and printed out 78 copies of the booklet before the text started getting streaks in it. I thought with all the graphics I would take a bigger hit in the number of pages, but the refill ended up printing 1896 pages. The last 8 toner refills averaged 2027 pages so that is only 7% less page yield with the graphics.

At $44 for a box of paper (0.88¢ per sheet) and my new price of $6.40 per toner refill (shipping in) this 48-page booklet only cost 18.6¢, and the How To Become More Christ Like 16-page booklet costs just 6.3¢.

With the 2 new Holiness Journals being released, I went ahead and ordered another 25 toner refills for $160. That is enough toner to do 47,400 pages.

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