Dec 22

Question and Answer

Q1: Why is understanding SEO important?

A: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about optimizing your website for high rankings in the search engines results pages (SERPs). High rankings in the SERPs bring traffic and converted traffic is sales, and sales is money.

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Q2: What is SEO?

A: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about optimization your website so that the search engines will rank your website high in the results for searches done by prospective customers.

Q3: How does article submission help your ranking with Google?

A: There are around 500 quality article sites to submit. When you submit the articles to an article site you get a link to your website in the body of the article and two links in the author’s information.

These articles will rank in Google and people who search for the key phrase the article is optimized for will visit the article and 1) click through via the links in the article to your site.

Also these links will pass 2) ranking weight and 3) Pagerank to your site which will over all help your website rank higher.

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Q4: Is it an good idea to go for ‘high value’ keywords or easy to get rankings?

A: You want to spend your time and money trying to rank for key phrases that you have a good change to rank for. If you have a new website for reselling computers it will be a waste of time trying to rank for the keyword “computer”.

Also you don’t want to just rank for key phrases that are very easy but have little or not traffic. So you have to balance between no traffic and to hard to rank for key phrases.

You can get a SEO Expert to do key phrase research for you. They have experience in evaluating websites site authority and how competitive key phrases are.

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Q5: Do links from paid sites have more authority that free sites?

A: Not necessarily. There are a number of things that cause an inbound link to have more authority that other links. A link that is in the content versus in the footer with a number of other links. A link that is from a website of the same theme. A link from a site that has high site authority. A link from a site that is ranking well for the key phrase you are targeting.

Q6: Should each website page be centered around one keyword phrase?

A: Yes! You should create a page for every key phrase you are targeting. The reason for this is so that you can fully optimize the URL, title tag, meta description, picture, and content for that one key phrase. It is not possible to do properly for more than one key phrase.

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Q7: What should the keyword density be? How much is too much?

A: I have not checked the keyword density of any page in the last 3 years. Just produce quality content write for humans and make a point of using a thesaurus so you can search your key phrase for synonyms and antonyms.

If you are convinced that keyword density is important just Google up your key phrase and check the keyword density of the top 5 pages and try to keep close to that.

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Q8: Will posting a lot on other blogs with links to my blog and/or site get me put in google’s “sandbox”?

Q9: I am a newbie where do I start?

Q10: Can you give us 5 simple to do SEO tips

Q11: What makes you an expert at SEO?

Q12: Would like to learn SEO with free tools only?

Q13: Can I do SEO with Google tools only?

Q14: where is the best sites to get a one way link to your site? Come on, dont hold back, all your secrets please!!

Q15: If your e-zine article with a link to your website has no page rank, does it still help your site rank with google?

Q16: Does a good meta tag description and keywords etc really help your SEO?

Q17: What is the best way to get your site to the public?

Q18: If you create a site that has to be updated how often should that be done?

Q19: Should the main focus for SEO be on GOOGLE?

Q20: Who would you rate second and third in SEO ranking? (i.e. Yahoo, MSN?)

Q21: What are the best strategies for avoiding a Google Slap?

Q22: Are there techniques that compete with actual company names? Eg. World of Warcraft, Home Depot, etc.

Q23: Does SEO work differently for different search engines?

Q24: What is the best way of deeplinking inside your website (eg ecommerce shopping cart site)?

Q25: How to get out of the Google sandbox?

Q26: How to do backlinking to yourself?

Q27: Could you talk about how to outsource the backlink process?

Q28: What type of backlinks should we be trying to get?

Q29: What are the best methods for getting backlinks?

Q30: What things help drive a site to Google Page 1?

Q31: What is the current importance of Meta Tags?

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