Dec 22

Bob MutchAfter the Webinar I will be adding to this post and answering all questions you post in the comments. I have started answering questions at SEO Questions.

1. SEO For Newbie’s

How To Get FREE Organic Traffic

2. What Google Wants To See

The 4 Main Things
Site Authority
On-page Optimization
Off-page Optimization
Lots of Content

3. Site Authority

Age of Domain
Keyword in Domain
Site Age
Page Age
Inbound Link Age
Number of Inbound Links

4. On-page Optimization

URL Dashed
Page Title Tag 150 Char
Meta Description 15/20 Words
h1/h2 Tag
Bold Key Phrase 1st Paragraph
Picture alt/title
Relevant Content 50 to 150 Words

5. Off Page Optimization

Link Building
Free & Paid Directories
Geo or Niche Directories
Article Site Submissions
Blog Reviews
Open Source Contribution Pages
Same Theme Blog Comments (Read Examples of Comment Spam)

6. Lots Of Content

Content Is King
CMS or Blog
Key Phrase Research
Landing Page Layout
h1 Key Phrase
2/3 Lines of Text
Call To Action
Links to Child Pages

7. SEO Tips

Older Domain
Key Phrase in Domain
First Sourced Content Column
Page for Every Key Phrase
Target Plural & Singular Key Phrases
Target Long Tail Key Phrases

8. SEM Tips

BBB & CoC Logos
Testimonial Page
SERP Description Call to Action
Call To Action At Top Of Page
PayPal Ecom
Target Key Phrases That Convert
Target Key Phrases You Can Rank

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