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What is a definition of sectarian?
Sectarianism is bigotry, discrimination, intolerance or hatred arising from attaching importance to perceived differences between subdivisions within a group, such as between different denominations of a religion or the factions of a political movement.
– Wikipedia: Sectarian

What are the marks of a sectarian church group?
–Instead of pointing people to Christ alone, they point people to their sect and Christ.
–They will declare their sect to be the only true church.
–They will lift up their ministers, claiming they have a revelation that no- one else has.
–In due time, they will cut off honest Christians if they do not accept their teaching.
–They will have a harsh judgmental spirit and be quick to accuse and see the worst in others.
–They will be very critical of other groups, and think there is nothing they can learn from them.
–They will consider those dishonest that reject their version of the truth.
–They will slander those who leave them and spread malicious stories about them.
–They will cast their members out as ‘unsaved’ if they do not accept all their teachings.
–They typically will hold to unorthodox teachings.
–Many times they will hide their unorthodox teachings from prospective converts.
–They will claim to be anti-sectarian, but in spirit they will be more sectarian than those they accuse of being sectarian.
–They will heap you with praise when you first join them, and continue this for as long as you follow the program.
–They will say that those who leave them were carnal, dishonest, offended, and not living right.
–Their ministers will be very authoritarian and macro-manage the members’ lives.

How to you avoid joining a sectarian group?
–Ask them for the names of the last 3 families that left.
–Ask them if they hide any doctrines from newcomers.
–Ask them if they think they are the only true church.
–Ask them if they think that people who leave their group are still saved.

What are some of the dangers of joining a sectarian group?
–When you find out they are sectarian and leave, they will try to keep your children and spouse.
–When you leave, they may deal with you unfairly and harshly – which may make you bitter or disillusioned with Christianity all together.
–If you leave and speak against the group, you may be excommunicated and your fellowship with your adult children that are in the group may be broken.
–Their ministers may try to become the head of your home and may drive a wedge between husband, wife and children.
–They will replace the guidance of the Holy Spirit with the guidance of the ministry and claim to be the voice of the Lord.
–They will try to influence you to be bigoted towards other Christians.
–They will try to influence you to point people to the group, instead of to Christ.
–Most sectarian groups have an authoritarian ministry that will try to take control of your spiritual and temporal life.

What does the Bible say about sectarian people or groups?
–A sectarian man, after a first and second admonition be rejecting. Tit 3:10 (YLT).
–And manifest also are the works of the flesh, which are… sects… of which I tell you before, as I also said before, that those doing such things the reign of God shall not inherit. Gal 5:19-21 (YLT).

What are our attitudes to be towards those who are sectarian?
–We need to show them love and not return railing for railing.
–We need to realize that many in the group do not realize that they are sectarian, thus are not guilty of the sin of sectarianism.
–We should – in a loving way -  show them their errors by the Word of God.
–We should warn the community we live in of the dangers of sectarian groups.

What makes sectarian groups attractive?
–They are taught to heap praise on prospective members.
–They are very zealous for their cause and very caring one toward the other.

What are examples of sectarian groups in Aylmer?
–The Church of God Meets Here (Restoration)
–Church of God in Christ Mennonite
–Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses

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