Dec 18

Craiglook LogoCraigLook is a good site to search for ads from Craigslist.Org. It does a few things that Google site: command doesn’t do.

It shows a picture of the product, it doesn’t show ads that have been removed by the seller after the product is sold, you can sort by date or price, and the format is a bit neater than Google’s SERPs.

Here is a search for Wax Melter from CraigLook.

Craiglook Wax Melter Search

Here is an example of how you do a global search of Craigslist.Org on Google for Wax Melter.

Craigslist Wax Melter Search

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2 Responses to “Searching Craigslist”

  1. 1. kim kelly Says:

    really would like to get in touch the the wax melter in clear water fl please call me kim 817 223-4410 bery interested

  2. 2. Karen Says: will also let you search across craigslist categories and locations. You get results in real time and can compare them to other sources, such as eBay or Indeed.

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