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Search Engine Ranking TrackerThe following reivew is my experience in choosing Advanced Web Rankings by Caphyon as a PC based Keyphrase Ranking Tracker software tool.

Here is a list of the features for this search engine ranking tool. My main criteria was quality reports automatically unloaded to the Internet.

Other main options I was needed were to be able to handle multiple websites and able to work through proxies so I can get geo results. Bells and whistles or price weren’t really an issue but I was hoping to find a product I could affiliate, but hey you can’t always find everything you want in a program.

I downloaded iBusiness Promoter (IBP) by Axandra GmbH and spend about 15 minutes with it and then blew it out. I also took a look at both Web CEO and SEO Elite and I was able to quickly figure out that they weren’t in the same league as Advanced Web Rankings and they also couldn’t do what I was looking for.

Caphyon Products

Advanced Web Rankings has a very good software policy where they provide you with a fully functioning Enterprise version of Advanced Web Rankings on a 30 day trial. I was also impressed by the quality of the posts in the Advanced Web Ranking Blog, and the Advanced Web Ranking Forum had over 6000 posts and a maximum of over 90 users on at any one time. You can also follow @caphyon on Twitter.

Caphyon has two other main products besides AWR. Advanced Web Stats didn’t really interest because I use Google Analytics and the product is still in Beta. The price is right though as Beta testers get a free copy. Here is a Advanced Web Stats Overview.

Advanced Link ManagerTheir other product is link popularity tool. This program had its initial public release back in 2005 and has gone through 31 major updates so it sounds like a mature product. It has a link tracker that makes sure you paid text links or reciprocal links are active, shows you who is linking to your and the anchor text, and allows you to “spy the competition and see where they get their links from”. Download their link manger and take it for a run. If its as good as their website ranking tool you’ll be happy.

I haven’t looked at it but I could see how a program that mines up the email, phone number and name of the top 100 sites for all the key phrases you are targetting would be very helpful.

To add in 12 key phrases, get the Advanced Web Rankings reports to run automatically, and setup the reports so they would automatically upload to the Internet good me about 3 hours.

The other product that I gave a serious look at was Rank Tracker by SEO POwerSuite.

I was able to get Rank Tracker uploading reports to the Internet within 30 minutes. That is partly because Rank Tracker is don’t have such a busy interface and was easy to figure out and it has less features.

I didn’t like the fact that Rank Tracker trial version was crippled and I couldn’t save my data but they have a 30 day back guarantee so I picked up the Enterprise copy for $250. The plan is to run them side by side for the next 30 days but it seems pretty clear to me that Advanced Web Rankings has more and better features. Here is what other people are saying about Advanced Web Rankings.

The aesthetics of the Advanced Web Rankings Reports are somewhat lacking compared to the Rank Tracker reports but I guess reports are to be read not admired.

Pricing & Features

Advanced Web Rankings comes in four flavours. Standard at $99, Professional costs $199, Enterprise sells for $399, and the Server version can be had for $599.

Professional prints and emails reports and covers Google and Yahoo local search, Enterprise adds project management, keyword research, user profiles, proxy per project, and reports by trigger. Server added the ability to have a shared database which is good if you have more than one person working from differ work stations on ranking reports.

Ranking Reports

The Keyword Ranking report gives you an spread sheet like overview of all the key phrases you are tracking. It puts the key phrases in rows and the current, previous, and change in position in columns. The last column shows your best position ever. The report also has a link chart which you can look quickly and see if your key phrases are on the upward on down trend. Then for specifics you go to the spread sheet like report.

The Overview Ranking report again puts the key phrases you are tracking in rows and the different search engines in columns. It shows the current ranking and where you have moved up, down, or not changed compared to the date you select when you create the report.

The other default report that I liked was the Top Ranking report. This report is in spreed sheet form and has a form for each key phrase. In the form it lists all the sites in the SERPs in the rows and shows in one of the columns which sites are new or have moved up, down, or not changed.

This lets you know when new sites appear in your SERPs. Quite often a new site will appear out of no where on a big link building camapign and you need to keep an eye on this new site and make sure they don’t drive in hard and go past you. On this report I think it is good to set your compare date to 30 days back. This give you a view of the movement in the SERPs in the last 30 days.

There is also a Visibility Ranking report that gives you an overview of your rankings which will be of some interest to you.

Here is the Visibility screen in AWR:

Visibility Ranking Report

I just started using this program so I will update this post as I learn more about this program.

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