Jun 16

RunningToday I biked 25km and ran 10km. Here are my times.

12.59km Bike from home base to Springwater: 24:56
5km First lap of North/South shore trail: 34:29
5km Second Lap if North/South shore trail: 36:29
12.59km Bike from Springwater to home base: 31:09

In the above case I burned 2.2% more calories per minute biking than running. Below I show how I worked out the numbers. I am showing these numbers to dispel the myth that everyone will burn more calories running than biking.

To rate the running I use the standard 66 calories burned per 1km no matter what speed you run or walk at.

10km in 70:58 (70.97) works out to a burn of 9.3c/min.

With the biking I worked out the average speed and then use the tables that are produced from Dr. Edward Coyle numbers to find out the calories burned when biking.

km/h | calories/km
16: 16
24: 19
32: 24
40: 29
48: 37

25.18km in 56:05 (56.08) is an average speed of 26.94km/h (0.45km/min)

The calories burned biking at 26.94km/h is 21.14c/km. This which works out to 9.51c/min which is 2.2% more calories burned biking than running.

Tomorrow I plan on pushing both my biking and running harder. Today I had to deal with quite a bit of wind which effected my times and increased my calorie burn but the above numbers don’t reflect the increased calorie burn.

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