Aug 11

This is one of the most important things a Christian can do. If you don’t retire early you will not get up early. If you don’t get up early you will not have proper devotions. If you don’t have proper devotions your Christian life will be up and down and you will not make any solid progress.

When I came to the realization how important this was, I was getting up anywhere between 8am and 11am. Many times I would work late into the evenings (I am self employed) and felt I had an excuse to sleep in. When I got up there were so many interruptions to my devotions that they suffered many times by being broken and incomplete.

When I came to the conclusion that I must have better devotions this is the area I started to work on. I track my devotions in my offline journal for my own benefit and since I made a serious effort to do better in this area I can report good progress. I got up last month on average at 6:30am and I am aiming to do yet better.

If you have a job and you must leave home at a certain time, work out what time you must get up to have your devotions, get ready for work, and be out the door to get to work on time. Then calculate the amount of time you need to sleep and then you will have the time you have to retire in the evening. When you go past this time you need to make your self conscious that you are now either eating into your sleep time or the time you will spend with the Lord in devotions in the morning.

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