Sep 10

I have been only getting 800 to 1000 pages per Toner Cartridge on my HP Laserjet 2200d printer. I had problems with the first cartridge I bought and returned it and I only got about 800 pages on the next one and the toner ran out.

The Cartridges are rated for 8000 pages at 5% coverage and I am sure my booklet pages are not over 10% coverage, so I should be getting 4000 pages. The next option I am looking at is buying the toner that is put in the cartridge instead of buying a new cartridge- thus refilling it a number of times to cut down on cost.

So I headed to eBay – one of the best places to find deals on the Internet. I purchased 4 Toner Cartridge Refills for $26.96 plus $9.95 shipping from U.S. to Canada from eBay power seller dol-auctions who maintains an eBay store called Distribution Online.

This company is also in the process of putting up a site for Inkjet and Laser Printer Supplies so you may want to bookmark the site as their products should be a bit less expensive due to there being no eBay fees.

When I called their support line 1-888-446-5695 a very helpful sales person agreed to give me 8 Toner Cartridge Refills for $59, including shipping, which is a discount of $3.85 (every discount counts). Also, they let me know the best way to find out if you are getting the right amount of toner in the Cartridges you have been buying. You weigh them before and after and there should be a difference of 240 grams.

The sales person told me I should be able to get 4 or more refills per Cartridge, so now I will be only paying about $24 per Cartridge (refilling it 4 times) instead of $66. This works out to $0.03 a page or $0.24 a booklet if I only get 800 pages per refill.

I just ordered the toner this morning and I plan on doing a review of how things go after I print 200 or 300 booklets. I plan on printing a 100 or so booklets of Richard A. Pride’s 23 page article on “Elmo Stoll and the Christian Community at Cookeville” soon – so that will be a good test run.

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