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Google LogoI was Googling today trying to find the average pricing that 2 character domains were selling for as I am considering buying a LL.ORG.

There are three different kinds of characters that can be used in domains — a letter, number or hypen. When people are referring to shorter domains they will use “L” for a letter, “N” for a number, or “C” for a letter, number or hyphen.

So after I found the best site to price out LL.ORG domains I decided to put up a 3 pages with information and price on LL.COM, LL.NET, and LL.ORG domains and get them to rank high in Google. Getting pages to rank for key phrases is part of driving traffic to your Website.

Here are the 3 pages I put up:

Prices For LL.COM Domains
Prices For LL.NET Domains
Prices For LL.NET Domains

Site Authority
More Christ Like Blog will be one year old at the end of this current month (July 2009). In the one year that the blog has been up I have gained quite a bit of favor with Google. When I post a new article it goes into the Google index with in 5 mins and will rank for non-competitive titles with in 15 mins.

How To Rank For Key Phrases
By optimizing my web pages correctly (see below), having lots of content (I now have over 500 pages in the Google index), and the “site authority” that Google has given me I am able to rank quite well for non-competitive key phrases.

WordPress Makes On-Page Optimization Easy
The Wordpress blogging software that I makes it very easy to optimize my web pages correctly for key phrases I want to rank for. Wordpress puts the title of your blog article in the URL, in the Page Title Tag, and in the H1 tag. If you want to you can also the key phrase bold in the first paragraph. Putting the key phrase you want the page to rank for in these different places in the on-page tells Google that this page considers that term important.

Then you want to repeat the words from the key phrase you want to rank for a number of times in the content. I don’t keep track of this because you will be writing about the key phrase you want to rank for anyway.

I currently have the WordPress software set up so that it puts the first sentence in the Meta Description tag. When I set up a blog I typically set it up so that the title of the article goes into the Meta Description tag and then two dashes and then the first sentence. I need to set it up that way on this blog. The Meta Description tag is a hiden tag in the HTML code that you don’t see when you look at the web page but Google considers it quite important.

There is another tag called the Meta Keyword tag which people typically put the words from the key phrase they are trying to rank for and I just checked and found out that was not set up on this blog. This tag doesn’t matter very much but I should have it set up any way. So I have a couple of things for my coder to do.

Okay so back to the three pages I put up. The main thing I needed to do is decide what key phrase I wanted to rank for. This was pretty simple in this case as I had just spend an hour or so searching for what I was looking for so I had searched for a number of different key phases.

I made the main key phrase I had been searching the title of the page and added into the first sentence other words for secondary key phrases I wanted to rank for.

The Key Phrases I Am Ranking For
The following is the 30 key phrases that I wanted to rank for. I have made the 30 key phrases hype text which when clicked on shows you the SERP (search engine results page) for that key phrase in Google. I have also noted at the end of each key phrases how the MoreChristLike.Com blog ranks for that key phrase. Keep in mind I just put these terms up a few hours ago.

While the terms are not very competitive they will still send me about 100 to 200 unique visitors a month.

Prices For LL.COM Domains #1
Prices For LL.NET Domains #1
Prices For LL.ORG Domains #1

Price For LL.COM Domains #2
Price For LL.NET Domains #1
Price For LL.ORG Domains #1

Price For LL.COM Domain #2
Price For LL.NET Domain #1
Price For LL.ORG Domain #1

Pricing For LL.COM Domains #3
Pricing For LL.NET Domains #1
Pricing For LL.ORG Domains #1

LL.COM Domains forsale #2
LL.NET Domains forsale #1
LL.ORG Domains forsale #1

LL.COM Domains for sale #4
LL.NET Domains for sale #4
LL.ORG Domains for sale #1

LL.COM Domains price #2
LL.COM Domains prices #3
LL.COM Domains pricing #3

LL.NET Domains price #1
LL.NET Domains prices #1
LL.NET Domains pricing #1

LL.ORG Domains price #1
LL.ORG Domains prices #1
LL.ORG Domains pricing #1

So this has been a short tutorial on how to rank using on-page optimization made easy by WordPress and the site authority that Google credits older active sites.

In the need future I plan on showing by example how you a site can rank for more competitive key phases by using link building.

If you enjoyed this tutorial feel free to leave a comment. If you have questions you can post them in the comments also.

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3 Responses to “Ranking By Site Authority”

  1. 1. Cristianismo Primitivo Says:

    Thanks, Bob. With your help, my site has more than doubled traffic in the last 8 months. While most of my English pages do not rank well on popular search terms because of competition, I have quite a number of Spanish pages that rank in the top 3. In fact, my site is 13 for the term “cristianismo”, which in English is “Christianity” (if you set to search only Spanish pages).
    And, I am at #1 now for “Primitive Christianity”!
    I have well over 600 pages online, and probably only one third of them are optimized. When I get them all done, I think my traffic will triple of quadruple from before I started optimizing.

  2. 2. Bob Mutch Says:

    Hi Mike,
    I have 4 times the traffic I have 5 months ago and double when I had two months ago. I am not getting as many as 500 visits a day on this site. So my site is on the increase also!

  3. 3. Cristianismo Primitivo Says:

    Hi Bob:
    I guess I didnt give any numbers. I think I was at about 250/day before I started optimizing my pages, and I am currently at about 600. I am hoping to hit 1000 by the end of the year. I realize that because of the narrow focus of my site, I will likely never get into the 50,000 or 100,000/day like some sites do.
    One nice thing about a low number on daily visits is that it doesnt take much to double or triple! If you have 5000/day, 100 more isnt much. But if you are at 100, the extra 100 doubles it!
    I am working at cleaning up my pages. I assume that Google will give preference to a site that consistently has keyword rich, clean pages. I was using a WYSIWYG html editor, and I found out that it was leaving lots of code in the page every time I made a change, insomuch that I had one page that was about 75% code, and 25% text.

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