Nov 03

I have lots of ideas on how to make this site better, and below is a list of a few of them that are currently being worked on. If you have ideas that would make this site a better site, please send them in via the contact page.

As I noted in one of my past monthly reports, Mike Atnip is now helping me add content to this site. Here is a list of the projects that he is helping me with:

1. Wesley Sermon Booklets — Put pictures in the Wesley Sermon Booklets (remove scripture on the front page, add the number of the sermon in the upper left-hand corner and make two PDF versions, one with “Please Take One Only” and one with “25¢”.

The 25¢ version will be put in wire floor racks and placed into bookstores, with the income going to the book store owner. The income from the booklets to the store owner will pay for the floor space the wire floor rack takes up.

The wire floor rack to the right is only $81.28. This is the best deal I have been able to find on the Internet so far.

I plan on putting a number of these wire floor racks in Aylmer, Tillsonburg, St. Thomas, and some of the smaller surrounding towns. I have approval from one bookstore already.

This project was partly inspired by different COG Restoration members that have almost daily been removing the “How To Become More Christ Like” booklets that I have placed on bulletin boards here in Aylmer. I want to thank them for the inspiration they have given me in this area.

I plan on offering all my booklets on these racks. They will have prices on all of them, seeing how the ‘Please Take One Only’ was not enough to stop the Restoration from removing them all when posted on bulletin boards.

2. Wesley’s Sermons in HTML — Put all Wesley’s Sermons in HTML on We will need to use a Content Management System (CMS) to add all these articles.

3. 1000 Hymns Using Scorch — Put up around 1000 hymns on using the Sibelius Scorch system. Mark Spink’s group has done a very nice job of this in their Timeless Truths website. Here is a sample of the hymn texts and the sheet music using the Sibelius Scorch system.

4. Small Hymn Book — Put together a small hymnbook with perhaps 40 hymns in it. I want the hymns all to be the same style and put them into PDFs which can then be resized into a booklet 5.5″ x 8.5″. This booklet would be useful for street meetings, for personal devotions, singing while traveling, and would be a good tool for every Christian to take with them everywhere they go.

5. Martyrs Mirror Booklet — Put together a booklet of about 40 pages (perhaps more) on Martyrs Mirror.

Pick from the old book (pages 413 to 1144) the accounts that have pictures with them and put the pictures in the booklet. I will be writing a number of articles to put in the front of the booklet. I want to cover discouragement and depression, trials and tribulation, and not being offended by what others do to you.

This booklet will be for those that are going through these things, and also an introduction to Martyrs Mirror. I hold that the reading of Martyrs Mirrors as part of your devotions is very important. You are not likely to complain about your state in life after you have just read of someone being burned alive.

6. Monthly Holiness Journal –I Put the featured articles from September and October into a “Holiness Journal” booklet. I also created a new edition of the August Holiness Journal with the following new format. The Holiness Journal will be published at the end of each month, and will use the featured articles of the current month from the blog.

I have picked a new theme and picture for the cover of the Holiness Journal. It is a silhouette with a cross in the background and a man in front of the cross with his arms stretched out.

To me, this is a symbol of conformity to the Word of God, by death to the self-life (self-denial and cross bearing — Luk 9:23), and worship to God in the lifting up of holy hands in full faith without carnality: lifting up holy hands without wrath and doubting  (1Tim 2:8).

The Holiness Journal will have a numbering system in the top lefthand corner (1 to start). It will have the “Please Take One Only” in the top right with a second PDF copy with 25¢ in the same place. The motto will be “Death to Self and Worship to God” or perhaps “Conforming to Christ” or ” Not Conformed, but Transformed” or perhaps “Conforming, Transforming, Death to Self, Worship, Faith, Purity”: I am not sure yet. Everything else would pretty much stay the same.

7. Evening Light Movement Books Online – Put together all the books that are available in the public domain from Warner’s Evening Light movement and convert them to PDF and put them on

8. Martyrs Mirror Blog Posts — Take the 100 or so accounts in Martyrs Mirrors that have pictures and add them as posts to and schedule them out over a 1-year period.

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