Sep 24

Back in July 29th I picked up a compost tumbler and I just when through the process of emptying it and speading the compost material on my back lawn and flower beds. There was more work to this than I realized.

I am going to look into some way to grind up the compost material when I add it to the tumbler. There are also ways you can enhance the rotting and you can even add worms. I am not sure yet how I will handle my composting for the winter but I am sure I will figure something out when I get there.

Although I realize my contribution to being green is small I felt very good about doing this and am looking for more ways to become green.

Ready To Empty Composter:

Ready To Empty Composter

Composter Emptied:

Composter Emptied

6 Weeks Of Compost:

6 Weeks Of Compost

Compost Material Not Rotted:

Compost Material Not Rotted

Compost Material Ready To Spread:

Composted Material Ready To Spread

Not Rotted And 2 Weeks Of New Material I Kept In The Fridge:

Not Rotted And 2 Weeks Of New Material I Kept In The Fridge

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