Jul 30

HP LaserJet 2200dI found a nice HP LaserJet 2200d printer for sale in Barrie on Kijiji for $50. The owner kindly took it to the courier this morning and I will get it Friday by noon at the lastest with shipping costing $35 — very good deal.

This will give me lots of time to print my How To Be More Christ Like for street work on Friday evening in London. I had been using a HP LaserJet 2100 but it doesn’t have a duplexer and when you turn over the pages to print the other side about every 10th page would stick and the process got very time consuming.

I got a quote from Staples to print 1000 of the 12 page How To Be More Christ Like booklet and they wanted $530. Considering that the cost is about $50 I thought that was a bit to much and I am going to try my hand at printing them myself.

Here is a tip on how to search kijiji or other classified sites to find the products you want with out having to search each area. To search in Google for all the indexed pages from Kijiji.ca with the phrase Lasterjet 2200 you search for site:kijiji.ca Laserjet 2200. This is good especially if you are willing to travel or have the product shipped to you.

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