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Pricing 2 Character domains that are forsale? LL.ORG domains for sale have an average asking price of $73k in July 2009.

I am updating this post regularly as I find more information about LL.ORG domains.

Asking Price For LL.ORG Domains At BuyDomains.Com
BuyDomains.Com LogoBuy Domains is one of the bigger domain auction sites where you can sell and buy domains. You can LL.ORG domains for sale at Buy Domains on their Find Premium Domains page.

In the left column you need to deselect the .com and .net check boxes and a bit further down in the same column select the Hyphens and Numbers boxes. Then you will be able to see the LL.ORG domains and pricing.

LL.ORG on BuyDomain.Com average price $73k (3 sites).

How Many LL.ORG Domains Are There?
It looks like there have not been any LL.ORG sold in 2009 but that is not so surprising as there are only 676 of them in total (26 x 26 = 676). There are 100 NN.ORG domains (10 x 10 = 100) and there are 1296 CC.ORG domains (36 x 36 = 1296).

Selling Price For LL.ORG Domains
NameBio LogoAsking price of course is quite a bit different than selling price. At NameBio.Com you can search their Domain Sales History database for LL.ORG domains.

You will get a list of only 47 names that have been sold in 2007 to 2004. The results can be sorted by domain, price, date, or location but the selection of ‘no’ for hyphens and ‘no/yes/only’ for numbers is not working.

NameBio.Com 2008 LL.ORG Domain Sales
US.org $45,000
PI.ORG $40,000
NO.ORG $37,500
PL.ORG $28,850
GO.ORG $25,350
SM.ORG $17,000
YJ.ORG $5,500

NameBio.Com 2007 LL.ORG Domain Sales
WE.ORG $36,500
FL.ORG $33,000
II.ORG $22,895
JV.ORG $14,000

How To Check The DNForum Quickly For LL.ORG Domains
DNForum LogoAnother place you can keep you eye on for LL.ORG domains is DNForum. They have two domains for sale forums that you will find LL.ORG domains for sale. Short Domains; 4 Characters or Less – Fixed Prices and Short Domains; 4 Characters or Less – Make Offer. One forum has fixed prices on the domains and the other forum the domains are sold by posting bids or accepting the posted BIN (buy it now) price.

A quick way to search these forums is to use Google and search for all pages that Google has in its index for each of these forums using the site: command. site:http://www.dnforum.com/f539/ LL.ORG and site:http://www.dnforum.com/f539/ LL.ORG will show you if there are any LL.ORG domains for sale in these forums.

If you want to see how current the Google index is on this forum you can just search on Google using the cache: command. The fixed price forum shows a date of June 26th which is 7 days off — cache:www.dnforum.com/f539/. The Make Offer forum shows a date of July 2nd which is only 1 day off — cache:www.dnforum.com/f529/. You can see the dates at the very top of the above pages the box with a blue background.

Google’s Cache Date for the Short Domains; 4 Characters or Less – Make Offer Forum
Google Cache Date

As far as sales at DNF it appears that JackCZ sold MR.ORG for $11k some time after 01-20-2009 and lindawright posted MR.ORG for sale at NamePros Forum on 06-19-2009 with the high bid at $9.5k and a BIN of $15k.

Information From Wikipedia: .ORG

Wikipedia Logo“org (organization) is a generic top-level domain (gTLD) used in the Internet’s Domain Name System (DNS). In the typical style of most gTLDs, org is sometimes pronounced in word form as ‘org’, ‘dot-org’, or ‘dot-oh-are-gee (O R G)’ when spoken, although not all users of the TLD agree on this usage.

The org TLD was originally intended for non-profit organizations, or organizations of a non-commercial character. It was one of the original top-level domains (the other five being com, edu, gov, mil and net) , established in January 1985, originally intended for use by organizations that did not meet the requirements for other gTLDs. The MITRE Corporation was the first group to register a org domain with mitre.org in July 1985.

Registrations in the org are processed via accredited registrars worldwide. Anyone can register an org second-level domain. Although org was recommended for non-commercial entities, there are no restrictions to registration. There are many instances of org being used by commercial sites, although some people[who?] question whether it is ethical to do so. org was also commonly recommended for use by individuals, although name and info are now alternatives.

The org TLD has been operated since January 1, 2003 by Public Interest Registry, who assumed the task from VeriSign Global Registry Services, a division of VeriSign.

Although organizations anywhere in the world can register org domains, many countries have a second-level domain with a similar purpose under their own country code top-level domain. Such second-level domains are usually of the form org.cc or or.cc, where cc is the country code. jp and uk are examples of this convention.”

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12 Responses to “Prices For LL.ORG Domains”

  1. 1. George Says:

    Mr.org is up for sale at only $15k

    Compared to other 2 letter .org domain sales this must be one of the best bargains available in the 2 letter domain marketplace.

    Mr.org won’t sit around long at only $15k

  2. 2. Bob Mutch Says:

    Yes MR.ORG is a very nice double consonant LL.ORG. But then again .ORGs are seen kind of still seen as non-profit organizations.

    I know a lot of SEMs use longer .ORGs to get their key phrase in the domain and there it doesn’t matter as they are going for SERPs verses branding. But when you get to a 2-Character or 3-Character domain you are going for branding and in your case you almost need to find a non-profit type of an organization.

    Of course the pricing difference between .COM and .ORG 2-Character domains clearly reflects this.

    I am considering rebanding this MoreChristLike.Com blog to a LL.ORG and hiring a couple of bloggers. It has been up for almost a year now and last month I hit an average of 400 visits a day so I think it has potential if I could add say 5000 long tail articles and run the traffic into affiliates.

    (M)ore (R)adical dot Org : )

  3. 3. George Says:

    Please note that if 2 letter .org domains expire they are never renewed like 2 letter .net and .com domains. This creates an added incentive to pick up these 2 letter .org domains as the number registered decreases yearly. Don’t know for sure how many are still registered out of the 676 originally available, but i guess there have been a few at least!

    (M)arket (R)esearch dot Org

  4. 4. Bob Mutch Says:

    Are you saying if a CC domain expires and the owner doesn’t get it that no one else can pick it up? I hardly think this could happen as people watch the expire list and would contact the original owner and try to buy the right to recover it.

    So I think “the number registered [2 letter .org] decreases yearly” is a bit of a stretch.

    Unless there is some thing I am missing here.

  5. 5. George Says:

    Only LL.org domains. I will check and find out which expired LL.orgs i can find.

    Kind regards

    (M)edical (R)ecords dot Org

  6. 6. George Says:

    I just copied this from http://www.pir.org/index.php?query=2+letter+.org which is the public interest registry for all dot org domains:-

    Q. I have been trying to register a one-character or two-letter .ORG domain name, but I can’t. Why not?

    A. Certain domain names are to be reserved per ICANN’s directive. The domain names listed there, including all one-character and two-character domains, are reserved “from initial (i.e., other than renewal) registration within the TLD.” In other words, should any of those previously registered domain names be allowed to expire, or if they are deleted, they will be placed on reserved status and will NOT be made available to the public for registration again.

  7. 7. Bob Mutch Says:

    So do think that this means when a LL.ORG enters Redemption Period or even the pending delete phase the domain can’t be recovered and is gone?

  8. 8. George Says:

    Not 100% sure. I picked this up from Wiki

    Two-letter domain names are also restricted to prevent confusion with country-codes. However, this restriction was enacted long after domain names became popular, so there are many existing registrations in the old top-level domains, though they are prevented in most of the new ones such as .info. Several notable examples are un.org, ba.com, dj.com, st.com, pp.es and sf.net. This confusion of two-letter domains with country codes and TLDs has been successfully exploited by Internode, an Australian ISP who registered on.net and use it like a private TLD to create unlimited subdomains at no cost, advantageous to their hosting services.

    In some new TLDs, special exceptions were made to permit two-letter domains for particular purposes; for instance, in the .aero domain the domains are reserved for airlines identified by their two-letter codes, such as aa.aero for American Airlines.

    (M)obile (R)ecords dot Org

  9. 9. Bob Mutch Says:

    Okay I can see why they want to pull the LL domains back in if they can. So I think it would be fair to say if the domain expires by one day there is not Redemption Period or pending delete phase at all. If it expires it is expired. But I would like to see where it says that. Let me know if you find it.

    I guess the questions is what does the following statement mean.

    “In other words, should any of those previously registered domain names be allowed to expire, or if they are deleted, they will be placed on reserved status and will NOT be made available to the public for registration again.”

    The question is do they mean expire from the Redemption Period or the pending delete phase or from the renewal date of the domain?

  10. 10. George Says:

    I tried to telephone Public Interest Registry (PIR), the official manager of .ORG on Phone: +1 (703) 889-5778 to find out detailed info but could not get through. We can get all the answers i trust.

    (M)oney (Rates) dot Org

  11. 11. George Says:

    Hi again,

    I have put a request in the forums asking if anyone knows how many LL.orgs have been held back by the registry. I will post an update when i know.

    Do you like my domain LLdomains.com

    (M)y (R)ights dot Org

  12. 12. George Says:


    I am currently building a website which will contain information on all 2 letter TLD domains .com .net .org which will show the status of the LL domains available to purchase, auction links, deleted 2 letter tld domains, and tld domain names currently used as websites, and 2 LL domains held back by the registry after expiry and because of the cc (country code) domain market. Prices, auction results, avarage asking and sales will all be listed for information purposes. This information will be free of charge to buyers and sellers for the foreseable future. The website is http://www.LLdomains.com and i trust buyers, sellers and anyone just looking for information at a central location will find the website informative and useful. I feel sure that LLdomains will generate interest in this premium domain market for investors.


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