Feb 17

Progressive Vegegreens PhytoberryI did a pricing review of the stores that were listed on Progressive’s site for London Ontario.

I priced out the PhytoBerry 900g, VegeGreens 510g, and the Multi Vitamins & Minerals for Active Men 120 tabs.

The stores that didn’t carry a product I assigned the average price from the other stores for that product. I took one dollar off each of the 3 products if a store had them in stock.

S & H Health Foods came in with a score of 144, followed by Popeye’s/SND with 149, and Sportmax Nutrition with 153.

Spartan Nutrition Richmond and Wellington came in 5th and 6th but they have a guarantee to beat the lowest price by 5% so you want to keep them in mind.

This review shows the importance of shopping around. The highest price for PhytoBerry (Nutrition House White Oaks Mall $80) was $23 over the lowest price (S & H Health Foods $56.33).

If you knew all the prices and when to Spartan Nutrition, their guarantee to beat the lowest price by 5% you would rate them at 135 (putting them in first place) and you could get the 3 products for $137.41 which is $49.58 less that last place Nutrition House price but only $10.33 less that first place S & H Health Foods.

Popeye’s is known for discounting the second-one and third-one you buy so you have to watch for sales also.

Personally I purchased 2 VegeGreens and 2 PhytoBerry from Popeye’s during their sale for $52.45 each (buy one get $15 off the second one sale – which was over last Sunday). In the case of first-one, second-one, third-one Spartan Nutrition only beats the first price by 5% and then matches the prices on the second-one and third-one deals.

So if I bought at Spartan Nutrition the best I could have done was $53.51 per by getting 5% of off S & H Health Foods price of $56.33. By buying at Popeye’s I saved all of $1.06 x 4 units plus 8 popeye bucks for a total of $12.24.

Rumor has it Progressive is changing the number of tabs in their Multi and some stores may not change there price so I am waiting for that product to come down the pike before I buy.

So the bottom line in general is phone around for pricing and then buy at one of Spartan Nutrition’s two stores unless Popeye has some hot first-one, second-one, third-one sale. If you aren’t close by they have free shipping over $99.

#1 — S & H Health Foods
1225 Wonderland Road North
London Ontario
N6G 2V9
Phone: (519) 473-0443
Web: http://www.sandhhealth.com/
Pricing: PB:$56.33s VG:$56.33s MA4m120:$35.08s

#2 — Popeye’s/SND
660 Richmond St. Unit #6
London Ontario
N6A 3G5
Phone: (519) 645-2202
Web: http://www.supplementscanada.com/
Info: (free shipping over $100, $10 off shipped orders over $199, in store one Popeye buck per $25)
Pricing: PB:$59.99s VG:$59.99s MA4m120:$31.99s

#3 — Sportmax Nutrition
260 Blue Forest Drive
London Ontario
N6G 4M2
Phone: (519) 471-2742
Web: http://www.sportmaxnutrition.com/
Pricing: PB:$57.99ns VG:$59.99ns MA4m120:$34.55ns

#4 — Homeopathy London
151 Dundas St
London Ontario
N6A 5R7
Phone: (519) 673-4447
Web: None
Pricing: PB:$59.95ns VG:$59.95ns MA4m120:$36.50a

#5 — Spartan Nutrition Richmond
733 Richmond Street
London Ontario
N6A 3H2
Phone: (519) 642-3665
Web: http://spartannutrition.ca/
Info: (free shipping over $99 and lowest price guarantee by 5%)
Pricing: PB:$64.99s VG:$64.99s MA4m120:$34.99s

#6 — Spartan Nutrition Wellington
841 Wellington Road (at Southdale)
London Ontario
N6A 3H2
Phone: (519) 690-1800
Web: http://spartannutrition.ca/
Info: (free shipping over $99 and lowest price guarantee by 5%)
Pricing: PB:$64.99s VG:$64.99s MA4m120:$34.99s

#7 — Good Health Naturally
1201 Oxford Street
London Ontario
N6A 5J9
Phone: (519) 474-0140
Web: None
Pricing: PB:$71.99s VG:$63.99s MA4m120:$39.99s

#8 — Nutrition House Masonville Place
1680 Richmond Street
London Ontario
N6G 3Y9
Phone: (519) 850-0724
Web: http://www.nutritionhouse.com/
Pricing: PB:$73.00a VG:$71.00a MA4m120:$39.99s

#9 — Nutrition House White Oaks Mall
1105 Wellington Road
London Ontario
N6E 1V4
Phone: (519) 680-0957
Web: http://www.nutritionhouse.com/
PB:$80.00s VG:$67.00s MA4m120:$39.99s

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2 Responses to “Price Comparison Of Progressive Products In London”

  1. 1. Tina Says:

    Check out Shaklee nutritional products .. the best I have ever come across. http://www.shaklee.com

  2. 2. Bob Mutch Says:

    Hi Tina; I am just doing weight loss so really all I need is a protein shake for after workouts, some products like CLA and EGCg to increase my metabolic rate so I will burn more calories, and a good multi vitamins & mineral for active men as I am regularly doing a combination of running 6km, biking 20km, and a 40min workout on a home gym.

    I just take the VeggeGreens and PhytoBerry products to make sure I am getting every thing I need in my vegetables and fruits so I don’t have to me so careful with my meal planning.

    But these things are only about 5% in the over all picture. The big items in weight loss are portion control and exercise. All the other things are just helpers. There is no magic pills and no easy way to lose weight.

    When you purchase weight loss kits like Shaklee’s Cinch products you are paying a lot for the name and the packaging. In my opinion you are better off purchasing your weight loss products unpackaged where you can get the best prices for each component.

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