Apr 27

Free From ChickenI was at the Canadian Superstore this morning and I noticed in the meat department they now are stocking President’s Choice Free From products.

The Beef products state “raised without the use of antibiotics and hormones” but the pork and chicken products only state “raised without the use of antibiotics”. I ask Rick from the meat department in Canadian Superstore but he was not sure whether hormones are used in the Pork and Chicken.

The dates on the Beef products were 9 days out (May 5th) which is pretty far out and the meat was already brown. Rick was not sure about that issue either. I called the President’s Choice customer support line at 1-888-495-5111 and talked to Romain Calvy who is a senior Loblaw Companies Limited customer relations rep.

Romain was very helpful and told me the Beef and Pork is hormone free. He sent me an email with a case number and told me it would get back to me with in a week on why the Beef products are brown and the expire date was 9 days out.

The Pork and Chicken is raised in Canada while the Beef is labeled as raised in USA and the prices are pretty reasonable.

Here are some of the Free From products listed on the President’s Choice website.

Free From Products:

PC Free From Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
PC Free From Whole Chicken
PC Free From Whole Turkey

PC Free From Pork – Grilling – Boneless Center Cut Chops
PC Free From Pork Grilling/Oven Roast – Pork Tenderloin
PC Free From Pork – Grilling/Oven Roast
PC Free From Pork – Grilling/Oven Roast – St. Louis Style Ribs

President’s Choice Free From Chicken:
Presidents Choice Free From Chicken

President’s Choice Free From Beef:
Presidents Choice Free From Beef

President’s Choice Free From Pork:
Presidents Choice Free From Pork

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20 Responses to “President’s Choice Free From Antibiotics & Hormones”

  1. 1. Lynda Says:

    The beef looks brown because it is packaged in an airless enviroment. As soon as you open the package and expose it to oxygen the meat gets red like the regular beef on the meat counter.

  2. 2. Bob Mutch Says:

    Hi Lynda,

    Thanks for letting me know that.

    I plan to buy at steak and see if that is the case. I think PC should note that on their packaging and in their display unit as people have been taught to avoid meat that is brown and that meat turning brown is an indicator that it is at the end of its shelf life.

    Perhaps I will do a post on the process that meat goes though and why when you crack open a package of hamburger it is brown on the inside (being brown on the inside is not a bad thing).

  3. 3. Katie Says:

    According to Chicken Farmers of Canada:

    Chickens are not given any hormones or steroids. They are not available in Canada and their use has been illegal for over 30 years.


  4. 4. Bob Mutch Says:

    Hi Katie.

    Thanks for the info and link.

    That is probably why the packaging on the chicken says “raised without the use of antibiotics” and makes no mention of hormones. I think PC should still add “and hormones” to the packaging statement of “raised without the use of antibiotics” as not all people know this.

  5. 5. Lalena Says:


    I was wondering, do you know if the chicken, cattle, pigs are free range? I am concerned with antibiotics, feed and hormones, but I am also concerned with pain and suffering on the part of the animal during its lifetime. I hope that Free From also mean Free From Pain, but I can’t find any info about it on the net or on the packaging. Thought you might know.


  6. 6. Bob Mutch Says:

    Hi Lalena,

    That is a good question. It would be nice to have them address that on their label and require a standard for the animals.

  7. 7. D. Says:

    Hi there,

    This is the ranch that the PC Free From beef comes from:

    (How do I know? Because it’s my cousin on the label and she works for the ranch. :) )

  8. 8. Nav Says:

    I would like to know where *(which farm) PC gets their chicken. I would appreciate if there is a website i can go to get more information on the chicken provided by PC is in fact free of whatever they are claiming.

  9. 9. Nick Says:

    Great discussion. I just bought a pack of Free From ground beef today. They advertise the beef as “vegetable grain fed.” What exactly do you think this means (or is it just a euphemism for corn-fed?)

  10. 10. bob Says:

    Hi Nick,

    Can you take a picture of the package message and post it please.



  11. 11. Anita Says:

    Just wondering…..why is President’s Choice getting the “free from” beef from Montana? With all the talk of eating local….why aren’t they buying beef from Canadian Farmers who use the “free from” standard? Does anyone know? By the way….thanks to D. for leaving the website about the Montana ranch….however that information should be on every package of meat. We can’t just take their word for things…we all need to check things out.

  12. 12. lily Says:

    How many weeks do you raise your chicken before slaughter?


  13. 13. Stephanie Says:

    Hi there,
    Thanks for the discussion! Has anyone found out which poultry farms are supplying the chicken? All I could see on the label was David Shoore from Langley. I’d like to know that the chickens are humanely treated and are free range, not just free from antibiotics.

  14. 14. Andrew Says:

    Thanks for having this discussion. Great topic, and I was wondering the same things. I’d like to know where it came from - would likely take some investigation as to how the animals are raised.

    If they were indeed treated wonderfully, I’m sure that would be mentioned a few times on the packaging as their main feature. I think the best bet is always: buy local and go see the farm for yourself. Something I really should do myself, actually.

  15. 15. Bonnie Says:

    I just found out, granted from Dr. Oz, that these labels mean nothing! I am shocked. I’ve been willing to pay more money to get better quality meat, but we are being fooled. First off, It is illegal to add hormones to Chicken, so surprisingly no meat has hormones added - so saying hormone free is unnecessary. I did not know this. Second, although labels states that there are no antibiotics this is not exactly true. One problem is, there is no body that regulates this claim, we are simply trusting the farmer in good faith. Also, the chickens likely is still being administered with an organic arsenic, which is very similar to the antibiotic, it prevents bugs from growing in the stomach and increased the sized of the chicken, just like the antibiotic. Antibiotics prevent and cure diseases and increases the size of the chicken. It’s seems that “Certified Organic” is the only way to go, all other labels are actually bogus! - Shocking!

  16. 16. Liz Says:

    Hi Everyone. Does anyone know the answer to Stephanie’s question? I’d also like to know. Thanks!

  17. 17. Liz Says:

    Hi Everyone. I just did a google search and found this:


  18. 18. Paul Says:

    I have been selling Beef from http://www.bestbcbeef.com for some time and some of the main questions are how the cattle are treated. Our Ranch has Free Range Beef that are only fed grain for a good finish and are kept in the pastures to feed otherwise. The only time they are fed by us is during the winter when it is frozen and snow is covering the ground. Try our Grass Fed Grain finished Beef, health wise you can read the benefits on our site but the taste and quality can not be beat or matched by commercial Beef. Plus you get it delivered to your door!

  19. 19. Restnxist Says:

    I found one of the farms where the Free From chickens and possibly pork come from. Fischer Feeds and Fischer Family Poultry Farm in Listowel, Ontario. Farmer details here: http://www.oyfontario.ca/Matthew%20Fischer.pdf and some farming details here http://www.fischerfeeds.com/broiler.html … 6065 Line 84
    Listowel, ON N4W 3G9
    Notice that they are using non-GMO feed. Bravo!

  20. 20. Steve Says:

    I haven’t seen any mention of whether or not the “Free From” meats are fed grain that is free of genetically engineered organisms.

    Also on the Spam protection, if you’re going to write out the numbers but want someone to enter the answer numerically, would be helpful to say so because it loses your entire post when you get it wrong.

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