May 31

B.T. RobertsThe preaching at our camp-meetings should be of the most awakening character. Fine sermons are out of place everywhere, especially at camp-meetings. The people do not need to be delighted, but to be convicted.

Superficial, worldly religion is on the increase. Its utter worthlessness to save the soul should be clearly shown. The radical truths of the New Testament should be proclaimed with all authority. Where our work is no more thorough than that of the popular churches, it is not needed.

Those who heal slightly should reform at once; for they are in danger of losing their own souls, and of taking their hearers with them down to hell. God’s law is not repealed. The sermon on the Mount has not become obsolete. We must not only preach the truth, but insist upon it, and enforce it.

Those converted among us should be so thoroughly saved that the popular churches will not want them. They should be so in love with Christ and his truth that they should everywhere be ready to bear a bold testimony to his power to save from bondage to tobacco, and pride, and the world, and the lodge.
B.T. Roberts

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