Feb 05

False HumilityYou can be proud of how humble you think you are. One can be proud of anything. Their “humble” rusty car, their “worldly” candy apple red Mustang, or their “fast” two wheel Amish buddy that can beat out the other brothers in the community.

False humility manifests itself in a fained self abasement that says they are nothing and can do nothing but thinks different.

False humility can be self preservation that hides the talent God has entrusted a person with in the ground because they don’t want to failed with the little they have. Therefore they say “I can’t do anything”.

True humility is realizing that all we are and have is not ours but on loan from God. All our talents, abilities, understanding, and Spiritual fruit can be removed by God in one second.

Any physical beauty we think we have can be removed in one breath and that which we thought was beauty will quickly mold and stink.

We have nothing to boast or brag about save the glorious workings of the Spirit of God in our lives.

Humility is holding our own value and opinions in low esteem and living a selfless life for the betterment of others. It is a willingness to be unknown, unseen, and to loose our rights and seek out the lowest tasks.

With each grace that God superadds to our soul we are in risk of being coming proud and loosing our humility. Therefore we must come boldly to the throne of grace to find mercy and grace to help in the time of need.

One very good gauge of how we are doing in the fruit of humility is to check your prayer life. Prayerless people are proud and feel no need to pray.

Another good gauge is if we are falling into willful or known sinning. A haughty spirit comes before a fall. Willful and known sinning is one of the more forward expressions of pride.

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