Sep 23

5km SplitsToday I tried to better my personal best of 28:30 for 5km.

My aim was to run 5km in 28:00 and I calculated my times splits using the Race Pace Calculator by Running For Fitness.

My calcultated Even Splits:

1 km 05:36 05:36
2 km 11:12 05:36
3 km 16:48 05:36
4 km 22:24 05:36
5 km 28:00 05:36

I ran Positive Splits:

1 km 05:17 05:17
2 km 10:35 05:18
3 km 16:08 05:33
4 km 22:05 05:57
5 km 28:35 06:30

I am currently going to work on pacing myself in a 5km run and a 10km.

What I want to do is pace myself so that I run even time splits. Even time splits is the same time for each kilometer. In my run above I ran postive splits. That is where I didn’t pace myself and I ran out of energy before the end of my run and slowed down.

Christine Luff writes in her article Common Racing Mistakes to Avoid that “for every second you go out too fast in the first half of your race, you’ll lose double that amount of time in the second half of your race”.

If you run either negitive (slower in the first half of your run) or even splits you over all time will be better than if you run positive splits.

For now my plan is to run a 5km, a 10km, and a 21.1km each week and try to get a better personal best in these three distances. Monday 5km, Wednesday 10k, and Friday I will do a longer run a 21.1km. Then on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday I will do sit-ups, push-ups, and squats for Core Strength Training and add in a easy 5km to 16km run to get my total weekly distance up round 50km. Saturday was be a recovery day from my long Friday run.

Here is the stats on my 5km run today.

Activity | Duration | Distance | Speed | Energy Burned
Run: 28:35 5.03km 10.57kmph 400c

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