Sep 23

Dead HandThere is a article in Sept 17th issue of Wired Magazine called Inside the Apocalyptic Soviet Doomsday Machine that is very interesting and a good read.

While most Doomsday Machines are announced as a deterrence, the Perimeter system was to have been keep a secret from the US. It was not meant as a deterrence to the US to attack the Soviets but as a deterience for the Soviet leadership to over react in the case of a possible attack.

The Perimeter system guaranteed that if the USSR leadership was destroyed by a preemptively strike there was a system in place had the ability to launch an automated respond of any nuclear weapons that were still functioning.

Apparently the Perimeter System is still up and functioning.

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One Response to “Perimeter The Soviet Doomsday Machine”

  1. 1. glyn Says:

    perhaps it is now a united nations perimeter, as peace has always existed between the illuminati, and they do exist and they are here to rule and dominate and attempt to keep us all in the dark…wake up you idiots,, the grestest secret is within the power of your minds and hearts, your thoughts and feelings, the universal consciousness, connect to it and the truth shall set you free…

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