Aug 12

Some times when you pay more it doesn’t cost as much. Take for example the two cigarette lighter to USB adapters to the right. The Kensington cost $14.95 and has a 1year warranty and the no-name brand was $6.95 and had a 30 day warranty. Yes I said had – I used it all of 4 times before it failed and the 30 days were up before I got back to the store.

Well you get what you pay for they say and that not only goes for adapters.

There is a price to pay if want real Bible salvation. If your experience didn’t cost you any thing it may not be worth anything.

You may say, wait a minute I thought salvation was free? It is free but there is a requirement it get the free gift of salvation. You have to be willing to forsake your sin, self, and fleshly living and live a life for Christ.

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