Dec 06

While I do not read newspapers or listen to the news on radio or TV, I do check and Time.Com daily. This morning when I checked the news there was an article on Paul Nawrocki looking for a job.

You have to give his man some credit. He is serious about getting a job! Daily he goes to downtown New York and wears a sandwich board that advertises his plight.

There was no contact information on any of the new reports, and when I Googled up Paul’s name, I could not find any contact info. The only way I could find his phone number on the Internet was through a paid service.  It cost me $1.95 to get his phone number.

So I figured he needed a website. I grabbed a free web template from, picked up the domain PAULNAWROCKI.NET at Godaddy.Com for $10, and added an account for him on my server (free). Time and cost to do this project — $12.14 and about 2 hours including this post.

I snagged a picture of him with this sandwich board of one of the news reports, did up some quick content, and put up a few links to the news articles that are on CNN, NewsWeek, and MSNBC — and now he has a website. I left him a message on his phone and let him know I would be happy to have Saad install WordPress blogging software on this site and help him add some more contact.

Monday morning, Danielle will point about $500 worth of web directories at his site so that it will get indexed by Google and Yahoo Search. The inbound links with Paul’s name in the anchor text from the directories to his site will not only get it indexed, but will also transfer ranking weight so that the site will come up first when his name is searched for in the search engines. His site should be ranking #1 in Google for “Paul Nawrocki” with,in two weeks. This post ranks #26 for “Paul Nawrocki”.

People that work hard to get what they want deserve a break and I just felt like he was being such a good example of working hard to get a job that I could not resist putting up a website for him. It is not much yet, but here is the link to Paul Nawrocki’s Website.

The Lord spoke to me through Paul very strongly. If Paul can humble himself and walk the street 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, carrying a sandwich board begging for a job, can I be a bit more serious about helping the lost souls in this world that need Jesus?

Thanks for the good example Paul, you earned the website!

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