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Overview Of Romans Chapter 2Here is an Overview Of Romans Chapter 2.

Chapter 2:
Rom 2:1-3: The apostle shows that the Jew, who condemns the Gentiles, and considers them utterly unworthy of the blessings of the Gospel, is inexcusable, because he is guilty of the same crimes; and therefore shalt not escape the righteous judgment of God.
Rom 2:4-5 It is an awful thing to despise the goodness and long-suffering of God, which lead to repentance.
Rom 2:6-11 God, the impartial judge, will render to every man according to his works.
Rom 2:12-13 The Jews and the Gentiles will be judged according to their respective advantages and disadvantages.
Rom 2:14-16 In some cases, the Gentiles, who had no law, have shown a better disposition than the Jews.
Rom 2:17-24 The Jews, by their unfaithfulness, have been a stumbling-block to the Gentiles.
Rom 2:25 Jewish rites and ceremonies of no advantage, unless productive of change of heart and conduct.
Rom 2:26-27 The Gentiles, who attend to the small light which they have received from God, are in a better state than the unfaithful Jews, with all their superior privileges.
Rom 2:28-29 What constitutes a real Jew in the sight of God.

Overview Of The Other Chapters In Romans:

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