Feb 15

Overview Of Romans Chapter 16Here is an Overview Of Romans Chapter 16.

Rom 16:1-2 The apostle commends to the Christians at Rome Phoebe, a deaconess of the Church at Cenchrea.
Rom 16:3-5 Sends greetings to Aquila and Priscilla, of whom he gives a high character; and greets also the Church at their house.
Rom 16:6-16 Mentions several others by name, both men and women, who were members of the Church of Christ at Rome.
Rom 16:17-18 Warns them to beware of those who cause dissensions and divisions, of whom he gives an awful character.
Rom 16:19-20 Extols the obedience of the Roman Christians, and promises them a complete victory over Satan.
Rom 16:21-23 Several persons send their salutations.
Rom 16:24-27 To whose good wishes he subjoins the apostolic blessing; commends them to God; gives own abstract of the doctrines of the Gospel: and concludes with ascribing glory to the only wise God, through Christ Jesus..

Overview Of The Other Chapters In Romans:

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