Feb 15

Overview Of Romans Chapter 14Here is an Overview Of Romans Chapter 14.

Rom 14:1 In things indifferent, Christians should not condemn each other.
Rom 14:2-4 Particularly with respect to different kinds of food.
Rom 14:5-6 And the observation of certain days.
Rom 14:7-9 None of us should live unto himself, but unto Christ, who lived and died for us.
Rom 14:10-13 We must not judge each other; for all judgment belongs to God.
Rom 14:14-16 We should not do any thing by which a weak brother may be stumbled or grieved; lest we destroy him for whom Christ died.
Rom 14:17-18 The kingdom of God does not consist in outward things.
Rom 14:19-21 Christians should endeavour to cultivate peace and brotherly affection, and rather deny themselves of certain privileges than be the means of stumbling a weak brother.
Rom 14:22-23 The necessity of doing all in the spirit of faith.

Overview Of The Other Chapters In Romans:

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