Feb 15

Overview Of Romans Chapter 13Here is an Overview Of Romans Chapter 13.

Rom 13:1-2 Subjection to civil governors inculcated, from the consideration that civil government is according to the ordinance of God; and that those who resist the lawfully constituted authorities shall receive condemnation.
Rom 13:3 And those who are obedient shall receive praise.
Rom 13:4 The character of a lawful civil governor.
Rom 13:5 The necessity of subjection.
Rom 13:6-7 The propriety of paying lawful tribute.
Rom 13:8-10 Christians should love one another.
Rom 13:11-12 The necessity of immediate conversion to God proved from the shortness and uncertainty of time.
Rom 13:13-14 How the Gentiles should walk so as to please God, and put on Christ Jesus in order to their salvation.

Overview Of The Other Chapters In Romans:

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