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Overview Of Romans Chapter 1I’m dong an overview study of the book of Romans today. This was the book I was reading when the Lord saved my soul some 30 years when I was going time in jail for trafficking drugs.

I remember just as clear as if it was yesterday how God supernaturally enlighten my mind and spoke to heart some 30 years ago. God words were “Don’t try to clean up your life, come to me and I will make you clean.” — it was like a light turned on in a dark room.

A lot of water has passed under the bridge since that day and many spiritual lessons have been learned. Most of them by the school of hard knocks.

The letter of Romans in some ways can be said to hold the key to a clear understanding of a number of very important and practical truths.

That mankind, both Jews and Gentiles, are all sinners before God; The Jewish believers are freed from keeping the Mosaic law that they may be married to Christ and keep the perfect law of liberty, the New Testament law; And the Gentile and Jewish believers are obligated to living a holy life free from willful and known sin by the grace of God.

This book also contain one of the most misunderstood chapters in the whole Bible — chapter 7. This chapter is presented by many professing Christians and professing ministers of the Good News as the Christian experience instead of an example of an unconverted person under conviction trying to keep God’s law.

One of my reasons for putting together this overview of Romans is show the context of the scriptures found in chapter 5 and 7 which are used to refute the No-Sin-Nature teaching.

Romans chapter 5 and 7 provide a clear understanding of how the fall of Adam as effected the hold human race and reveals the errors of the Pelagian teaching of No-Sin-Nature.

Having firm grasp of the purpose and the layout of the whole book of Romans will help you as you drill down into difference chapters and verses of the book of Romans, to make sure you are not taking verses out of their context.

The following outline is mostly taken from Adam Clarke’s Commentary.

Chapter 1:
Rom 1:1-6: St. Paul shows the Romans his Divine call to the apostleship, and for what end he was thus called.
Rom 1:7-8: His salutation to the Church at Rome, and his commendation of their faith.
Rom 1:9-15: His earnest desire to see them, that he might impart to them some spiritual gifts
Rom 1:16-17 His description of the Gospel of Christ.
Rom 1:18-32 The crimes and profligacy of the Gentile world, which called aloud for the judgments of God.

Overview Of The Other Chapters In Romans:

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