Feb 16

Bob MutchOk I am going into hiding. I feel led to go on a fast from Facebook and Chess.

In most cases we should keep our good works and self denial to ourselves, but in some cases we need accountability. If I state I commit to stay off Facebook for a month and people see me on there they are going to call me on it.

Accountability is a wonderful thing and making a statement of what you feel lead to do, with the help of the Lord, is a good way to move forward.

Facebook for me is keeping up with friends, sharing what God is doing in my life, and a change to minister to many different people. It also is a place where I can have discussions on doctrine and find out the weaknesses of my positions and why others believe different then me. I have learned much from my friends on facebook.

I don’t think Facebook is a waste of time. Just there are other things I need to be doing that I am going to do instead. As far as chess goes it doesn’t have as much value. It is good for your brain and as one gets older it will help keep you get Alzheimers, but I am wondering if memorizing scriptures won’t do the same thing.

So instead of Facebooking I will read scriptures and when I get the urge to play chess I will spend 30 minutes (the length of an average game) memorizing scriptures and in prayer.

Also instead of posting on Facebook I will be posting here on my blog. So make sure you drop by and share your life with me as I share my life with you here on my blog.

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4 Responses to “Facebook Fast”

  1. 1. Paul Says:

    Hi Bro Bob, Glad to see you back posting! I enjoy your posts!

  2. 2. bobmutch Says:

    Hi Paul,

    Yes I think I am long over due to post. I have been posting a lot on facebook but it all gets buried and why you post today is basically not longer accessible a month later.

    I am working to stream line by blog posting and trying to find an easier way to post. I have considered doing audio posts, shorter posts, more picture posts with a title only and perhaps a one sentence description, posts from my iPhone, and posts from my iPad.

    Not sure how I am going to do it all but I am going to start posting more.


  3. 3. Paul Says:

    That is good! I enjoy your posting, just remember to be careful and not burn yourself out. I have a little blog that I post on some for fun, you are welcome to check it out any time, http://liveforjesusdaily.blogspot.com/

  4. 4. bob Says:

    Hi Paul,

    Well I have over 1000 posts on this blog so I don’t think I will burn myself out. I do take a break once in a while. I just started blogging again after a 6 month break.


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