Sep 02

Failure And SuccessI tried to keep up my diet when I was in PEI but things started to unravel even before I left. I have found it is quite difficult for me to stick to a diet unless I semi isolate myself.

When I visit friends and family and they offer me delicious food it is very hard to say no. At home I have lots of low weight to calorie ratio foods and I am able to keep on top of my calorie intake, plus I have an aggressive workout routine setup that burns up to 1500 calories a day. I really didn’t get that set up when I was in PEI.

After my workout this afternoon I was at 155.4lbs which is pretty good. So I am not far off my lowest weight which was 154.6 on Aug 19th. The plan is to push hard for the next 4 days with around 1000 calorie intake and doing a 25km cycle and 15km run if my legs can take it.

The 10lbs in 25 days started on Aug 12th and finishes on Sept 6th. On Sept 7th after I see how bad I did I will look at reseting a goal for 145lbs. I am using post workout weight which has about a 5lb bounce. So if I hit 145lbs I am be 150lbs in the mornings and 145lb after my fasted workout.

I am about ready to start with a weight program for my legs so I can pick up cycle speed, a weight program for my arms/chest/shoulders so I can get my tennis game back, and a weight program for my abs so i can knock the pouch off, pull a 6 pack, and get my body fat percent (BFP) down to below 10%. My BFP is currently around 16.5%. The plan is to use my Bowflex Ultima 2 for the weight program.

Overall I still feel like I have won. I will end up losing around 5lbs in the 25 days – half of what I targeted, and the failure will be good to humble me and help me to be less forward and not so cocky in my predictions.

I still like to aim big and try hard and have no problem settling for less that my ambitious targets. Even if I just lose a couple of pounds it is still a win-win for me.

Not to far away I can see a weight of 140 to 145, cycling 34kmph over a 25km stretch, the pouch replaced with a 6 pack, a body fat percend of 10%, and getting some muscle back on my arms/shoulders/chest to bring my tennis game back.

With tennis the plan is to build back up some muscle, get a ball machine to work out with, and take some tennis lessons so next year I will be able to give Mike Karda at least as much competition in tennis as he gives me in chess. I played like a girl this year.

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