Aug 17

This video was created by the Gwent police department in Wales and shown in schools as part of a deterrent lesson that shows the dangers of texting and driving.

I know this video is pretty harsh but then again accidents are harsh. So if this makes any of you out there that visit this blog drive more carefully I think it will be worth it.

Things that can cause this kind of an accident are not just texting.

Here is a list:
Eating, looking at a map, using a mp3 player, using a GPS, using a cell phone, reaching back into the back seat, picking up things off the floor, getting into a heated conversation, straightening out the children in the back seat, reading a book, reading the newspaper, cleaning up your glove box, sorting out things on the passengers seat, brushing your teeth, and combing your hair etc.

Now if it was just you that got hurt that would be bad enough, but what about your passengers, what about the people in the other cars. Perhaps you are ready to go or could live with being a quadriplegic but could you live with taking someones else life that perhaps is not ready to go and or putting someone else in a wheelchair for life. Some thing to think about as you watch this video.

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