Dec 27

I use NCH Software for a lot of different things. Here is a list of the different packages they have. All there software is fully functional and free.

Video Tools

  • BroadCam (video broadcasting)
  • Debut (video recorder)
  • VideoPad (video editor)
  • EyeLine (video surveillance)
  • Prism (video converter)
  • Photostage (slideshow creator)
  • Disketch (CD label software)
  • Express Burn (dvd burner software)
  • Express Talk (video softphone)
  • Golden Videos (VHS Converter)
  • FlashLynx (video download software)
  • More video software…

Image and Photo Tools

  • PhotoPad (image and photo editor)
  • Pixillion (image format converter)
  • PhotoStage (slideshow creator)
  • Photilla (photo album software)
  • Disketch (CD label software)
  • More image and photo tools…

Broadcasting Tools

  • BroadCam (video broadcasting)
  • BroadWave (streaming audio server)
  • Debut (record video for broadcast)
  • RecordPad (record audio for broadcast)
  • WavePad (mp3 editor)
  • MixPad Sound Mixer (mix audio files)
  • SoundTap (record streaming audio)
  • Quorum (interview via conference calls)

Radio Station Software

  • VRS (radio station logger)
  • BroadWave (streaming audio server)
  • Tone Generator (test-tone generator)
  • WavePad (sound editor)
  • MixPad (audio file mixer)
  • ToneDet (tone detector)

Audio Tools

  • WavePad (audio editing software)
  • Switch (convert to wav files)
  • VRS (record phone / radio automatically)
  • RecordPad (simple sound recorder)
  • PlayPad (audio player)
  • SoundTap (streaming audio recorder)
  • Express Burn (record audio CDs)
  • MixPad (multitrack production)
  • Golden Record (vinyl to cd)
  • Express Rip (extract audio CDs)
  • BroadWave (stream audio online)
  • Zulu (DJ Audio Software)
  • Audio Recording Software
  • More audio software…

Mac OS X Software

  • Classic FTP (FTP client software)
  • Express Dictate (computer dictation)
  • WavePad (audio editing software)
  • RecordPad (audio recording software)
  • Switch (mp3 converter for mac)
  • Express Invoice (invoicing software)
  • Express Burn (cd burn software)
  • Express Scribe (transcription software)
  • FastFox (text expansion utility)
  • Golden Records (vinyl to cd software)
  • MEO (encryption software)
  • See all our Mac Software…

Other Utilities

  • Classic FTP (upload or download files)
  • MEO (encrypt your files)
  • Verbose (text to speech converter)
  • Stamp (ID3 tag editor)
  • Slice (audio file splitter)
  • KeyBlaze (typing tutor)

Software for Business

  • Express Invoice (invoicing & payments)
  • Express Accounts (accounting simplicity)
  • Inventoria (manage stock & reporting)
  • FlexiServer (manage your employees)
  • HourGuard (record and create timesheets)
  • Fling (automatically upload files)
  • FileFort (backup your critical data)
  • Express Talk (VoIP softphone)
  • Axon (PC based VoIP PBx)
  • IVM (create telephone interactive systems)
  • VRS (record and log calls)
  • Express Dictate (computer dictation)
  • More business programs…

Pocket PC / Smartphone Software

  • WavePad (sound editor)
  • Classic FTP (free FTP client)
  • Express Talk (VoIP softphone)
  • Pocket Dictate (voice recorder software)
  • NCH Tone Generator
  • TempoPerfect (metronome software)
  • PitchPerfect (guitar tuner)
  • PlayPad (mp3 audio player)
  • TRx (call recorder)
  • RecordPad (sound recorder)
  • FileFort (backup utility)
  • See all out Pocket PC software…

Linux OS Software

  • BroadWave (streaming audio server)
  • IVM (telephone IVR system)
  • Verbose (text to speech tool)
  • Express Scribe (transcription player)
  • FlexiServer (management software)
  • See all our Linux Software…
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