Feb 05

Here is a 204 gram boneless New York Striploin steak seasoned with Club House Montreal Steak sauce. You can get the sauce at Price-Choppers for $3.99. The steak was 30% off and only cost $2.58.

Steak Seasoned With Montreal Steak Sauce

Here is the same steak 2 minutes later cooked with just a little pink in the center. I give this steak a 9 out of 10. It tasted very good and was only 430 Calories.

Cooked Steak On Foreman Grill

I had calorie room left for two of these steaks. Here is the other one. It was 9 out of 10 also. I picked up 3 of these steaks for $11.70. I will have the other one for breakfast tomorrow morning. See you then.


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