Nov 06

On November 2, I was praying for a safe trip to London and the Lord gave me a list of things I could do to be more safe.

One of the things was “Replace the tires that only have 10% wear left on them”.

I ordered a set of tires from Canadian Tire on their “buy one, get the second one 1/2 price” sale. So when they phoned this afternoon and let me know that the tires were in, I went right over and got John to install them for me. Two 195/60R15 Motormaster tires installed and balanced including taxes cost me $188.12. So that’s $71.24 per tire, plus $20 to balance, $4 for tire disposal, and GST and PST. Seems like a good deal to me!

Put the Tires on:

Balance them:

Put them on the car:

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