Sep 08

RunKeeperI have been working on breaking 23 minutes and today I was 4 seconds short of breaking 22 minutes. My new record time of 22:03 gave me an average speed of 34.19kmph over 12.57km. I had been trying for 33kmph over 12.57km so to say the least I was happy with my time.

Of course it was a nice cool day, I remembered to oil the chain, the wind was to my back, I carbed up around 5am in the morning, and I was determined to give it my all.

Just so it won’t be writen all off because of the wind to my back I worked very hard to get a good time when I cycled the route in reverse from Springwater back to home base (2nd leg). I pulled off a 24:34 with an average speed of 30.57kmph.

Over all that gives me an average of 32.38kmph over 25km. I took a 16 minute break between the two legs so for the 32kmph over 25km to be meaningful I would need to do it without taking a break. That will be my next record I will target now that I broken 33kmph over 12.5km and did 12.5km in less than 23 minutes.

The following were my 10 targets I set for myself today. 5 of them are points on the route where I go the fastest and 5 of them are points where I go the slowest. The challenge was to set new speed records in as many as I could. I set new records in 6/10 and that is what gave me 34.19kmph.

Five Fastest Points On Route:
1. Start of my cycle route — Best time 44.5km, new target 45km, did 45km today.
2. Straight away 1.1km point — Best time 44.6km, new target 45km, did 39.7km today.
3. Downhill at 4.0km point — Best time 41.4km, new target 50km, did 45.1km today.
4. Downhill at 10.8km point — Best time 50.6km, new target 50km, did 46km today.
5. Downhill at 12.12km point — Best time 42.3km, new target 50km, did 40.6km today.

Five Slowest Points On Route:
1) 4.19km to 5.28km — Lowest 24.7kmph, new target 28kmph, 31.4kmph today.
2) 5.83km to 7.92km — Lowest 21kmph, new target 28kmph, 30kmph today.
3) 11.00km to 11.42 — Lowest 24kmph, new target 28kmph, 26.5kmph today.
4) 11.85km to 11.95km — Lowest 27.4kmph, new target 28kmph, 27.7kmph today.
5) 12.24km to 12.55km — Lowest 26.7kmph, new target 28kmph, 24.5kmph today.

Compare the 2 following graphs and you will see why I was 0:55 faster today.

Here is a graph of today’s elevation and speed over distance:
Cycle First Leg 9-08-09

Here is a graph of yesterday’s elevation and speed over distance:
Cycle First Leg 9-07-09

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