Feb 03

020309 Weight After RunWell I skipped breakfast and ran a few extra 100’s of meters and I am in the 170’s. After my afternoon run I weighed in at 179.8.

I also filed a complaint with the OPP against the owner of the Rottweiler who lives at 48377 Conservation Line. It appears to me that this dog owner is extremely irresponsible.

This Rottweiler harassed me yesterday and again to day. I talk to the owner and he shrugged his shoulders when I told him that he had to have his dogs on leash by law. He told me “the dog is all bark” — right a Rottweiler that is all bark and lunges at people. I’m not buying into that story. That dog off his leash is an accident waiting to happen.

Constable Bill Crawford with the OPP promised to go and visit the owner. The complaint is filed under number LP09025637. I talked to two other runners today that have been running on the same road for a number of years and have had numerous run ins with the same dog. They have not been able to get anything done about the dog.

I have known about the dog for about two years as he has a number of times chased my car when I have been driving to the Springwater trail to go for a run. Right now the trail is to hard to run with all the snow so I have been running the road as it has a three nice hills on it which give you a good workout.

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