Jan 08

I did up a new record for 5km of 25:10. There was a good wind to my back but I will see next week how things go. I think I could be into the 24’s pretty shortly!

Today I ran straight out instead of turning around at the 2.5km point as I have been loosing time doing that as my RunKeeper iPhone app is not dealing with my turn around correctly.

So I run out 5km and then walk/run back in.

This Week 15.2km:
Date | Activity | Duration | Distance | Avg Pace | Avg Speed | Energy Burned
01-07-10 Run 26:30 5.03km 5:16/km 10.38km/h 411c
01-08-09 Run 28:28 5.03km 5:02/km 11.91km/h 407c
01-08-09 Run 40:08 5.16km 7:46/km 07.72km/h 375c

Jan 08 Run:

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