Nov 01

I made a few changes in the “How To Be More Christ Like” booklet. I took out the section on OTVCs, seeing how it wasn’t really applicable to the people I am handing the booklet out to. My wife told me I should focus more on helping others and not correcting the Restoration, and I thought that was a good point.

I also found a beautiful picture to put on the cover. It is a silhouette of the cross in the background and a man standing in front of the cross with his arms stretched out. To me, this is first a symbol of death to self by the cross (Mat 16:24; 1Cor 15:31), and secondly a symbol of worship in the raising up of holy hands to God (1Tim 2:8).

This booklet is still my mainstay for tract work in London. The last 2 weekends I have been at “Jacks” on Richard St., London. I’ve been trying my hand in a bit of street preaching, and have had very good reception from the line up. Lord willing, I plan on writing a report about how this is going. Lord willing, I plan on going back to Jack’s tonight.

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